Thursday, October 30, 2008

Your willing to give what you have

Recently Jose & I have been having a time, if you don't know...Jose has been VERY slow on work! Times are tough, but we are continuing to stand on our promises and know we will get through.
Well, yesterday I had a friend call me and ask some questions. Here's what our conversation sounded like,
M~"So Melissa, do you have any paper towels?"
Me~"Yeah, I have a roll, why?"
M~"Can I have some?"
Me~"Well, I only have one roll, but I will give you some if you need some."
M~"Do you have any toilet paper?"
Me~"Yeah, I have a few rolls and a new package, why?"
M~"What kind do you have?"
Me~"I bought White Cloud this week."
M~"Can I have some?"
Me~"Yeah, how much do you need?"
M~"Do you have any laundry soap?"
Me~"Yeah, I have a bottle, why?"
M~"What brand do you like?"
Me~"I buy what's on sale."
M~"You don't buy a certain brand?"
Me~"No, I'm not too picky, especially being tight on money."
M~"Well, can I have some?"
Me~"Sure, how much do you need?"
M~"Do you have any Downy?"
Me~"No, I bought Suavetel this week, do you need some of that too?"
M~"Alright, I will be over after work to get it from you."
Me~"Well, tell me how much you need and I will have it all ready when you get here."
M~"Don't worry about it, I will let you know when I get there."
Me~"Alright, I will see you later then."
M~"Ok, bye."

So a few hours later, I was in my kitchen cleaning and getting everything ready for my brother's birthday dinner. Anthony yells, "Mom, 'M' is here!"
So I tell him to let her in and have her come to the kitchen.
She comes in, carrying 2 bags chuck full of stuff. I said,
"M, what are you doing!?!"
She replied, "Melissa, you have nothing and your are struggling, yet you are still willing to give me things that I might need. These are for you."
UGH, my heart about dropped! I know I have friends in my life who care, but WOW!
I'm not one to take hand outs, nor am I one to "whine" about my situation. I know the Lord will provide and I feel like I don't need to go around announcing my problems to everyone. But the Lord knows what we need, and as long as we are faithful and have a giving heart, I feel like He WILL bless us in return.
It's not what we say, it's what we do and what is TRULY in our hearts that matters the most.
So, Thank You 'M' & Praise You Father God!


kbell said...

That is so awesome!!

Isn't great to have friends like that in your life??

The Biggest Blessing Is Being Called Mama said...

It truly is Kel!