Thursday, October 30, 2008

Recent Scores

Well, yesterday must have been a day of blessings.
I have recently found a group called Freecycle (new to me, old to others). What Freecycle is, is a group of people that posts things that they are trying to get rid of, instead of throwing it away or selling & people post things that they need.
Well, on Monday I went and picked up 2 older dressers that had been sitting outside of a house that someone was trying to get rid of. Well, I am in the process of re-finishing them and changing them into dressers for Dominic & Baby D.
Well, here I will just cut and paste. Makes it easier for me, and you can just read it all out...
I have been SO stressed over things for the baby, it's not even funny!
Anyways, I have been praying that the Lord will bless us with things that we need, not what we want.
Well, my friend told me about a local Freecycle (never knew they existed) and so I joined.
Monday night I went and picked up 2 really nice dressers. They are only 3 drawers, but one will be used for Dom and the other will be used for the baby.
They needed to be cleaned (DONE!) and I have to sand parts down and repaint them, but they are perfect & I can customize them to what *I* want
Then I saw a post the other day

Infant sling. This is the kind you wear around your body to craddle your infant.
New Fisher Price Baby Monitor w/Receiver in the box. Never used.
Would like to give these to someone who really needs them.
Please indicate in your email the day and time you can pickup. Will
make a decision by tomorrow evening.
So I replied to the post
Hi Elisa, I saw your offer. I am going to have my 4th in January and
unfortunately gave everything away from my last baby (not expecting to
have another.) I was interested in your items. Also was wondering
what type of a baby sling it was, I LOVE wearing babies. I think it
is SO much better for them.
Thanks for any response.
And this is what I found in my box yesterday
I'm going to offer them to you. I just had my 4th (unexpected), so I know what's like getting rid of everything and start over.
The baby sling you wear around your body and you tuck your baby inside to carry with you. It's more for a new baby. If you're not interested in it, I could give it to someone else. I think it's very nice.
When could you come pickup?


Yeah, I was SO excited that I posted on a board that I have been on since having Dom, just to share my excitement. Well, to my surprise, these were the responses:
Steph~"wow Melissa!! What a blessing!!
I'm so glad that God is providing thru unexpected sources for you and for this baby!!!
So do you seriously have NOTHING??
just the stuff that you've been given recently?? "

My reply~"I seriously have nothing.
Actually, a girl that works out at my work brought in a bag of 3-6 mos girl clothes, a pink & brown diaper bag and some funky toy that attaches to the car seat I am assuming.
My SIL bought a car seat for me from a yard sale (I posted about this a while back).
I have bought some baby soap, baby lotion, baby powder and a pack of onsies(those are all the onsies I have).
I have a friend giving me her son's crib and I plan on making my own bedding since it is so expensive.
That's it... "
AGAIN, not my intention to "whine", just answering a question. I am BLESSED to have what I do have now! Well, this is what I get next...

Jen~"melissa, that rocks!!! can you list other things you want/need, so i can keep an eye out on freecycle and stuff? you know i am the master at finding good deals "

My reply~"You can list what you want. I am still new and feeling it out, so really don't know.
It's a Yahoo group here for me.
Try looking it up. "

Jen~"OH no no melissa, you misunderstood, sorry i was clearer-i am a freecyle pro, been doing it since i was preg with mairi.

i want YOU to make a list for ME of the things YOU want and need for the baby So then I can keep an eye out locally for stuff, and then ship to you (I'll pay, I want to bless you!)

So make a list already "

Leah~"I wish I would have realized you needed some things, I would have held on to all the baby boy clothes I just gave away to someone else for you (until you had the baby-- to see if you need BOY clothes). I literally just gave away 6 big black trash bags FULL of baby boy clothes. I kept all of Slaydes things, I guess at the time I didnt realize the amount I actually had. Until I pulled them back out for Griffin.... I was totally overwhelmed and had to have my mom come over and help me sort through them all. I also threw out a baby monitor, and a basinett, and a wipe warmer (I didnt like it)."

Kelley~"Melissa, if you'd put the list on here I could watch freecycle and craigslist here for you. Plus sometimes Moms at my Preschool will offer stuff to me (for the preschool dept) and I'd be glad to send some good stuff your way!

Give us a wish list!!

Are you not finding out what you are having?? "

Can you say, 'Emotion Overload!?!' I am so set back by my dear friends (they are all across country, LIKE N.Y. & VIRGINIA!). They care SO much that they are willing to go out of their way to find me things for my baby and bless me.
WOW. Absolutely Speechless!
Thank You My Dear Friends!!!!! Off to grab the box of tissues again! I can't even bring myself to make the list, I am just SO overwhelmed!


Joanna said...

Melissa thanks for sharing that story. People want to help each other and its so neat to see how the Internet has changed things to where people can reach out and help someone they have nver met in real life that is across the country. In a MySpace group I had posted about not being able to find top sheets for cribs anywhwere just the bottom fitted sheet and a girl sent me a bunch of sheet sets she had laying around no charge! You should post a list of what you want for the baby so you can be blessed more. I have stuff you can probably use. Do you want a playpen?

The Biggest Blessing Is Being Called Mama said...

I've thought about posting a list of things that I need, but I don't want to sound like a beggar. I know I'm not, I guess it's my own pride and maybe feeling like I am.
I have a playpen from Dom that I kept, but never really used. Don't know if I will even use it for this one. But then again, if I don't have a bassinet, I may use the playpen.
Thank You Joanna! You are the sweetest!

Choofy Mama said...

i LOVE baby shopping, or better yet, baby bargain hunting, and scoring something for FREE is the ultimate thrill! So I am all for helping you out, it's a blessing to me, or else Eli would have waaaay too much stuff ;)

so make the list already (and email me your addy) or else i'll just start sending randomness LMAO