Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

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This is my picture for the holiday, because my camera finally kicked the bucket yesterday... :(
We carved our pumpkins yesterday afternoon. Dominic didn't want anything to do with it at first. He couldn't stand the feel of it, but after Jose working with him and showing that it's not that nasty, he was fine. Dominic & Jose carved the pumpkin that Adriana drew out and then Anthony carved his own pumpkin.
They both came out really cute!
Today I have to do a K-Mart run to get some orange paint for my belly and pick up Dominic's costume from Gail.
Then tonight we will be going out Trick or Treating and then heading over to one of our friend's house to help with the candy hand out for our church outreach.
I am very excited! I love Halloween, it's just so much fun!!!
Hopefully I will make it through the night. I have been feeling sick and heaviness in my chest. I really think it's my allergies that are moving down into my chest...BOOOO
Anyway,,,I hope you have a wonderful holiday!