Friday, October 31, 2008

I am SO bummed!

I just got the bill to fix my refrigerator. It is going to cost us $155 to get it fixed. WHAT!?!?!
Jose found the part for just under $15, these people are a rip off! I am praying Jose can figure out how to fix it. We had to pay them $35 just to come out...IDIOTS!
Then I did an estimate for my camera to get fixed and that is going to cost me $149!
I am SO bummed!!!!
I can't go without a refrigerator, but my life involves my camera so much!
I couldn't even take pics of the kids carving the pumpkins last night, I can't take pics of my kids tonight dressed up for Halloween, nothing!
With the baby coming, I have to have my camera!
What am I going to do!?!
If you have any suggestions on what to do with my camera situation, I would really appreciate it!
Otherwise you are more than welcome to wallow in my pain with me.


Joanna said...

I'm so sorry about your fridge and your camera. For that much money you could buy a new camera. My only suggestion is to try to get more quotes from other places. Maybe there are some places that don't charge for a quote? I'll pray for you.

The Biggest Blessing Is Being Called Mama said...

Thanks Joanna!