Monday, October 20, 2008

A chain link fence did it

I picked Anthony up from school today, he gets in and tells me, "Mom, I think I need stitches."
I'm like, "WHAT!?!"
So, he lifted up his shirt, which has an obvious rip in it and shows me this huge gash in his right shoulder.
I asked what happened and he told me that he was running to lunch and ran into a chain link fence with the alligator lock. The lock caught his shirt, ripped his arm, it threw him around where his chest hit the pole and gave him a huge bruise on his chest, his head hit the fence, scratched him by his ear, he has a bump right under his right temple and then fell to the ground where his arm is scratched up.
Oi Vei! This kid!
At first I was worried, then VERY upset that no one from the school called me. HELLO, my son has a gash in his arm that might need stiches, his head was hit right under his temple and I'm sure the wind was knocked out of him w/ that bruise on his chest and NOBODY called me!?!
So when we got home, I tended to his wounds, which all they did was place a bandaid over the gash.
Well, come to find out, when I finally was able to talk to the lady that treated him (I was tossed to 4 different people..I tell ya, NOT a happy Mama!), she explained to me that he came in and just showed her the "scratch" that was on his arm.
Ok, I know my son is tough, and not a cry baby, but like I told her, make a call home and let me know that he has been hurt. She appologized and assumed by the way he was acting that he was fine and just got a scratch. She also informed me that it was busy in the health office at the time and now knows how "little or big" the situation, she needs to take time to meet everyone's need and not just brush them off.
That made me feel good. She at least cares enough to correct it, and I felt better about the situation.
So, after I hung up with her, I called Urgent Care and made an appt to get him in.
We went down there and the Dr said that the gash was left for too long and that stitches wouldn't do anything for it. So she just put antibiotic on the scratches (I could have done that at home & saved the money from his co-pay). Then she checked his jaw, which at that point he informed her that his jaw was bothering him. She said just to keep an eye on it.
**The Dr. was very insistent on him telling her the truth. She kept asking him, "are you sure you aren't being bullied", "are you sure you weren't running from someone", "are you sure your doing ok in school and no one was trying to beat you up", "are you sure no one else did this to you". He explained to her that if someone were to try to hurt him, he would have been expelled or suspended for fighting with the injuries. This kid!**
Then as I warned him...
He got the dreaded tetnis shot! But he begged the nurse not to put it in his butt cheek.
She told him that they do it in the arm, and he was VERY relieved...That was hillarious! All he kept worrying about was getting a shot in his butt...LOL
So all in all, he will be fine.
My tough kid, wonder whats going to happen next year when he starts his journey in football. LORD, give me strength & patience while waiting in many 'a Urgent Cares!!!


Joanna said...

Wow I would have been pretty upset with the school as well. Good for you for following up maybe that won't happen again.

Sorry he got so injured by just running around being a boy. Boys are so tough in more ways than one.

Anonymous said...

That sounds awful!
I would have been very very upset at the school too!
Glad your boy is ok tho!!!!