Tuesday, October 21, 2008

25 weeks & 3 days

And not ONE donut!
Before I knew I was pregnant, I have been craving donuts.
I didn't know where this came from, because I despise donuts, I seriously do not treat the kids to donuts. They are a waist of money, food, calories, just everything in my book. Jose on the other hand thinks they are great, well a few select.
BUT, for 25 weeks & 3 days, I have resisted...Until today!
I woke up tired, had a headache and just didn't feel well. You want to tempt me, get me when I am tired and not feeling well, I don't fight well under those circumstances.
So, knowing I had a few bucks in my purse I came to work, opened up, and informed the girl working out I was going to get some coffee.
Well, the closest & only place open at the Godly hour of 5 am was Yum Yum Donuts. I walked in with the intention to ONLY buy a coffee, but then I saw something that I have been fighting...
UGH, those darn donuts & my wonderful friend Noe putting Apple Fritters in my head (he was talking about apple fritters Friday night at bible study) I couldn't resist.
I bought a large coffee, an apple fritter & an orange juice.
$5.12 later I walked out a happy camper.
Then I got to work and realized, I could have went to Bakers and got me a whole breakfast for the price I just paid for a stupid donut, coffee & o.j. UGH!
Oh well.
I ate it, and I enjoyed it!!!
I still have my headache, and don't feel well, but I got my apple fritter...


Joanna said...

Sorry about the headache. Thats no fun, especially while pregnant. I am really impressed that you resisted so long. One apple fritter isn't going to kill you.