Monday, June 6, 2011

Bible Study #4...Coffee Hour With Chicklit Power by Evinda Lepins

I had to come and share my most amazing encounter lately.  I posted it on facebook and I'm just going to transfer everything here.

So, after much prayer and seeking the Lord in the direction that He wants me, I have finally recieved confirmation on the summer study.I have to give you the story behind it all, just so you can all see how good God is...You all knew I was praying regarding the bible study.  I wanted to do something light, but deep, something that we wouldn't have as much work and time devoted to the study, but yet something that would keep us in the word on a daily basis.  Keeping us connected to God and keeping our relationship built up.  Some of you came to me with suggestions, but nothing was 'it'.  Well, I had the opportunity to meet a woman name Kim.  She came to my MOT's group last year and shared her testimony as well as some of her information & book.  I was fortunate enough to have her at my table and I was able to spend some time with her and share my life testimony with her.  We've kept contact and she recently visited MOT's again.  She brought her products this time and I purchased her book.  Now, unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to read any of her book, but I did glance at it.  Something kept telling me that I should use this for the summer bible study.  Now being that it's not in a bible study format, I kept pushing the 'idea' out of my head.  WELLLLLL, last Friday, I jumped onto Facebook while I was outside looking for something for dinner.  I noticed that Kim invited me into her group.  So, I accepted the invite, but didn't have a chance to really look at it.  Later that afternoon Jose and I were in the garage and I went to her page on my phone.  The first thing I saw was the following..."Okay, so I'm really giving some serious thought to something because I keep getting this question from complete strangers: "Does CPM have a women's Bible Study?" So, let's put it out there. Would anyone be interested in a once-a-month Bible Study using our "Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power, A Cup of Encouragement for the Day" book? There's some great series in there. Let us know:)"OMG...ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?!  So I replied the following:"Hey Evinda Lepins, this is awesome!!! I will be wrapping up my M2C bible study next week and I have been praying about doing a summer bible study. I have had your book next to my bed and it's been taunting me to use it for the summer bible study (HONESTLY!!!). But I didn't know, because it's not in a format that I could figure out.  So, I brought the subject to the table at my bible study today. We will be meeting every other week. I want something light & not too deep. And a book that we can get our hands on now. Then I saw your post on this. I would LOVE to be your "guinea pig" and use your book as our bible study!!! Let's talk about it. I would like to start June 10th. You can either message me here or contact me on my cell phone. I will be in San Diego for soccer tournaments this weekend, but I will get with you!!! LET'S DO IT!"
Personally, I don't believe in coinsidence...As Kim aka Evinda told me, "absolute GOD things".  So, not only do we have a bible study and one that we can get our hands on right away, BUT...ARE YOU READY FOR THE KICKER!?!?!?!Kim aka Evinda (btw, that's her author name) is going to be joininig us on Friday for our Luau and will be selling the books, signing our books and explaining the bible study to us!!!How freaking cool is it that God confirmed this the way that he can only do and we not only have an amazing bible study set up for the summer, BUT...WE GET TO MEET THE AUTHOR IN PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ACK!  HOW COOL IS THAT!?!?!  Come on, how often have you met an author of a published book?Okay, I'll settle down now.  I just can't tell you how amazing God is and how hard it's been to keep this cat in the bag.  It's been clawing at me all week!  And, being with Amber all weekend, had the book on me and I couldn't share with her!  It killed!!!So, I hope you all are as excited as I am!

Follow up to that...We met this past Friday and I can't tell you the excitement my girls had!  I actually have one girl that declined the summer bible study, but after hearing Evinda's story and what we believe God is going to do, she decided to join!
God is good & is giving us favor.  On July 22nd we will be wrapping up the next bible study called, Loving the Unlovable.  The next day, Evinda will be having her CPM's One Year Anniversary Party...guess who will be there with a testimony of her book becoming a bible study!?!?!  YEAH, The Jesus Girlz...HA HA HA HA!!!  AMAZING, SIMPLY AMAZING!  I can't wait to see what God is going to do, the break throughs that I am praying to happen, the walls to be taken apart one brick at a time. 
I will keep ya'll updated!


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