Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beach Trip 7.12.10

After being busy as ever these past few months, Jose had the day off and we decided to get the flock out of here! We took off and went to the beach. We found a perfect parking spot, not too far from the shore. It was empty where we went & enjoyed the day away from home, life, etc... (I even left my cell in the truck, so I wouldn't be tempted to text or facebook!) I really enjoyed myself and came home just in a different mood. Anyhoot, here's some pics (of course!)

My Honey Skin Boarding

Berry & I

My Pretty Girl

Delayna chasing the seagull

Honey, my other son & Ant

Bits made this sand creation. He was so excited, he asked me to take a picture. Then Little suggested putting it on Sprout. Which Bit's finished...Online dot com...LOL!

My sexy boy, getting so big & muscular

Papa & the babies