Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wall*E Does It!

Dominic has got to be THEE cutest little boy I know! Seriously & not just because he is mine.
Today, Allan & Shelli came over to get a tile saw from my Honey. Dominic put on the movie Wall*E and Allan & I were talking about it. Allan had never seen it, so I was explaining the movie and the story line to him.
Later we go outside to get him the tile saw and Dominic finds a fire extinguisher we have in the garage. He is messing with it while I was helping Allan pull all the stuff surrounding the saw out. We both carry it to his truck, I turn around and I see Dominic holding this fire extinguisher in his hand trying to 'spray' it.
I asked him, "Mijo, what are you doing?"
He tells me, "I'm trying to spray it Mama."
Me~"Why do you want to spray it, it's dangerous and could make you sick or get in your eyes."
Dom~"Well Mama, Wall*E does it and he flies."
Me, trying to contain my exposure and not bust up laughing, "Dominic, Wall*E is a robot, he's in outer space and it's just a movie. You can't spray that and go flying."
Dom~"But Mama, Wall*E flies, I want to fly all around like him too."

After about 10 mins of repetitive explanation, he finally gave up the fight and said...
"Fine, you take it, you spray it, and you go flying by yourself!"
He's such a character!