Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Delayna's Dedication

Well, in 2 Sundays, Jose and I have scheduled to dedicate Delayna. This is something that I honestly have struggled with for a year. To me, a dedication is taken seriously.
Merriam-Webster defines dedication as: 1. an act or rite of dedicating to a divine being 2. self-sacrificing devotion (amongst 2 other definitions).
In my heart, when I dedicated my other 3 children, I was standing in front of not only my church family, but ultimately God. I took a vow that I would trust Him with my precious children's lives. That NO MATTER what would happen, come our way, Jose and I would trust that He would take care of my children at all times. Now you tell me that you can put your children's lives in someones hands and just be ok with it.
So this time with Delayna, knowing she's my last baby, my precious jewel, I've battled with her dedication. Not that I don't trust God, in all his ways. Or that I don't want to believe that all will be ok, etc. I do trust him, I love him, and I know he will carry my children all the days of their lives...but it's just been hard.
So, Jose and I were talking and we decided it was time. We are doing it on the 24th, because, well, she'll be a year on the 20th and it's the following Sunday ;-)
I also struggled this time with having Godparents for her. I asked very special people that were in my lives with Anthony & Adriana to be their Godparents. Unfortunately through those experiences it damaged my thoughts of Godparents and ever being able to have someone in my children's lives that I could KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that no matter what ever happened to Jose and I, that they would be there to raise them up under His laws, ways and love.
Well, through MUCH prayer, seeking & careful consideration. Jose and I agreed that we would give Delayna Godparents. I feel as though my children should have someone in their lives that they know they could ALWAYS, no matter what, turn to them and find Godly counsel (yes, there is a difference!). And family sometimes is just too close!
So, we approached Noe & Monica with the offer of being Delayna's Godparents. I can happily say, they accepted the responsibility. Monica even stated, that she would like to take all 4 under and be their Godparents too. So, we will see what God has in store for that.
I have also asked some very special people in my life, that through our lives have been by my side through thick and thin. I have been able to turn to them, cry on their shoulders, find comfort & refuge when I needed someone other than my family.
So I asked Allan & Angel, Jessica and Mona (awe,well Mona is another story) to stand with my family. Promising to be there for my baby girl, just as they have me. They all agreed to take the responsibility also.
Wow, what a day it is going to be!

Here is her GORGEOUS dress, she will be getting a little jacket type thing to wear with it. Her Granina & Tianina(that would be Monica's mom & sister...get it her Grandma+Nina=Granina, Tia+Nina=Tianina...LOL, I bust myself up sometimes!) is going crazy having finding her stuff!

And her little shoes

She is gonna be the queen of the ball!


Choofy Mama said...

omg that dress is gorgeous, and the shows!!! can't wait to hear how it all goes <3