Thursday, May 28, 2009

My LONG week!

This has been SUCH a week!
Dominic has been running a fever for over a week now. It started a week ago Sunday morning. I thought it was just the flu, but then the fevers got so high (104.6*) that I got worried. You can read about all that here.
Well, nothing changed by Monday night, so Tuesday morning I called Dr. Cuni's office & they got him in that morning. When we went in, he of course didn't have a fever at all. She sent us over for blood work & another chest x-ray.
We get there & finally called back. My poor baby is trembling. Delayna is in her carseat fussing while the intern tries to console her (NO GO!), so my good friend Jackie comes in & gets Delayna's attention while I try to focus on Dominic. The phlebotomist cleans the area she is going to take blood & goes to get the butterfly needle. I let go of Dominic's hand for one second & he starts pulling his sleeves down, fighting to get his blood drawn. It was so hard to stay calm & make him understand that it will be quick and easy. He is SO opposite of Anthony! Anthony would walk in and get his blood work done like it was a treat. Dominic literally kicked & screamed. He is so timid & small & scared. It broke my heart!
I of course, had to be strong & let him be scared & fall into mama's arms for comfort.
That was done & over with. He got 2 suckers and a stack of stickers (So blessed I have an "in" there and friends that truly care!).
Then a bit more of a wait and he went with Jackie to get his x-ray done.
We went to Burger King to get him his chicken nuggets & fries to make it all better. Get home & he doesn't eat. I should've known that he was about to get a fever.
I laid Dominic and Delayna down at 12:45. He slept until 4:45!
Dr. Cuni called me just as he was waking up. She told me that his white blood cells looked good, but his 'sedamentation rate' was elevated. She asked if he was complaining of his body hurting or joints bothering him. I guess this indicates a sign of inflamation, but where is to be determined. He has been fine. She asked me to bring him in in the morning to do a flu & strep swab. I asked her if I could run him down now, just so I could know right away. She let me.
I ran him down there & he was running his fever. I had her check him & she just confirmed that he was running a high fever, yet again & I'm not crazy!
She did the swabs, poor Dominic was once again freaking out. Those swabs are NOT an easy thing either. It made him gag & the nose one really sucked!
She put it into the little vile things & waited for the results. She tested for Flu, Swine Flu & Strep. All 3 came back negative....UGH!!!!
Dr. Cuni said to just go home & keep him comfortable and she would be following up again the next day.
Last night at about 4:45pm I got a call from Dr. Cuni. She said that the chest x-ray came back clear & the other test were all negative. Still mind boggling!
She said to continue to monitor him. It is possible that he is fighting a virus, but what kind of virus is unknown. She wants to see him next week & have his sederation rate tested again.

Yesterday we had no fevers & so far today, so good. I am praying this is all over with!

Now on to Delayna...
She was a crabby patty Sat & Sun. Not sleeping for very long, not eating all the way, just not a happy girl at all. I had no idea what was going on with her.
Monday morning, Jose went out to my Grandpa & Grandma's house to help Grandpa with the sink that exploded Sunday morning. I planned on going, but with Dominic being a grump & running fevers and now Delayna just being unhappy & fussy, I decided to stay home.
Well, while nursing her, I noticed her little lip had a white blister on it. I took her off & sure enough, all inside her lips & the roof of her mouth was chuck full of white blisters! My poor baby has thrush, BAD! I kinda said out loud, Delayna has thrush!
Anthony commented, is that what's inside her mouth?
I was like, YEAH, you saw them?
He said, Yeah, I told you. She's had them since Thursday or Friday.
So, I immediately started treating both of us with gentian violet. My poor girl is in pain, my boy is running fevers & sick of getting tests done...I'm just D.O.N.E!
Delyana's mouth is starting to look better. I saw one spot on her yesterday & I still have to check her today.
This weeks has been exhausting mentally, physically, emotionally and I AM DRAINED!
Not to mention on top of no sleeping & caring for sick babies all day...
I found a new blog that shows really cool hairstyles. So my little girl wants mama to get up every morning & do her hair. Yeah, I know I could say no & start when everyone is better, but she is always left out in the field. She needs her 'special attention'. So I have committed to getting up by 7am all week this week so I can have some mama/little time and make my girl pretty for school. She's getting lots of attention & complements and it makes her feel good.
So, that's been my week. I am really hoping that I get a nice relaxing weekend & everyone is on the mend!
OH, and on another note...My dear friend Karen, who has allowed me to borrow her camera since having Delayna, is taking her camera back =( So I won't be having many pics of the kids. It sucks that Little's promotion is in 2 weeks & I won't have a camera. I just may have to invest in a cheap small one.
K, that's all...


Joanna said...

Wow you are super mom! I am so sorry to hear about the illness and all that entails. I hope and pray things improve but at least you know you are doing all you can for your kids and that makes you such a good mama!