Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Getting ready for Kindergarten

My little bits had his kindergarten physical yesterday.
He is so sweet! He knew he was gonna get shots & was asking me to tell the Dr that he doesn't want his shots...Poor thing!
We went in & he got weighed & measured...38lbs & 42"
Then we had to have him pee in a cup...poor little man! He wasn't sure what to do, but luckily he went with me many a dr visits while pregnant with Delayna & saw mama do it.
After that task, we "played a game" where he had to stand FAR away from the wall & tell the nurse the shapes that he saw...Come to find out his right eye is maturing faster than his left. By the age of 7 his eyes should be completely developed & we'll test again.
We went into the room & the nurse gave us a gown. Dominic was not happy with needing to strip down to his chones. He couldn't understand why he had to wear it & he was complaining he was cold.
Here's a pic of him in it...I couldn't resist

The NP came in and asked him a ton of questions, which he did really well answering. I think he would have done much better if he was seeing his normal Dr, but she wasn't available.
The NP had Dominic jump on one leg without any assistance & he couldn't do it...It was hillarious!!!
She was done with the physical & I started to tell her about his little cold he has had. Well come to find out, it's not a little cold, it's bronchitis! UGH! He is now on an antibiotic & is back on the inhaler for his asthma...It really stinks!
She went out & sent in the nurse...Those poor nurses, they get the hard part, IMO. The nurse was telling Dominic what she was going to do & showed him the tray. She asked him for his finger, just to do the finger prick & he already started freaking...remind me next time, taking Delayna is NOT the best thing when Dominic is getting shots!
So, I talked to him calmly & told him that it wouldn't hurt & it would be real fast...He didn't fall for it.
She pricked his finger & he jumped,,,my poor boy! He was ok though.
Then she told him to lay down on his back. Asked me to go to his head and explained to both of us that she was going to hold his legs & wanted mama to "hug" him while holding his arms down. Good thing I did, because his arms went flailing when the shot went in!
I had to hold Delayna, sitting on the exam table, while I "laid" ontop of Domi.
The nurse was SUPER fast, but it didn't help that pain at all! He screamed like nobody's business!
She got him up real fast & I was able to just hold him while he cried. But then Delayna started in too...OH BOY!
We got his prescription, got him dressed & we headed out. I asked him if he was hungry & of course he was, so through his tears, he took a breath and informed me he wanted Chicken Nuggets & fries from Mc Donald's. So, off to the golden arches we went...
We came home. Just as I was getting him out, Grammie pulled in & the faucet was turned back on...Boy does he know how to work her! She let him take over the t.v. after he ate his nuggets.
So, now we have to head out to pick up his birth certificate & he'll be all ready to start school August 24...


Joanna said...

Thank you for posting about the whole run down at the doctor's office. I think I am going to switch docs because our pediatrician didn't do half of what yours did at Elijah's last physical. Who do you take the kids to? She really doesn't do much at any of the appointments. Its been really starting to annoying me.