Sunday, January 25, 2009

Delayna's Birth Story

Jose & I welcomed our 4th child, 2nd daughter into the world.
Delayna Lynn Herrera
Born January 20, 2009 @ 1:05 pm
7lbs 8oz ~ 19"

January 20, 2009
10:30am we arrived at Redlands Community Hospital in Redlands, Ca.
We checked in at the "security lady's" desk. She told us to go in and check in with the nurses and hand them a stack of papers that I did the previous week.
We walk back to the nurses station, and I have a very familiar face greet me. It was Markee, the lady that I saw the week previous when I went in to do all my paperwork. She was the sweetest nurse that gave me the maternity ward tour. She was very happy to see me and pleased that she got to check me in and get me going. She remembered Dominic and asked for him. I told her that he was at home with Grandma and would be in to visit later in the evening. She said that she had somethings for him and began to shuffle around her desk and in the cupboards. She had a wrist band out and was writing on it. I thought it was for either Jose or I, but no, it was for the Bits!
She wrote, "Big Brother" and put the date on the band. HOW STINKEN CUTE! So I asked Markee if she could make one for Adriana, she did.
After everything was done, she took us back to the prep room. I had to go and change into my lovely hospital gown, socks and this really cool belly band (I asked the nurse for one to take home). I expected the time to just drag by, but as I laid there and the nurse did all of her stuff, before I knew it she was shaving me down and getting me prepped to go back.
The anisthesiologist came in and introduced himself to me, then told me he was going to go back and prep for everything.
It was 12pm and Dr. Hordynski still wasn't there...That Doctor!!!
So I laid there and Jose and I just talked about things. It was nice and kept me really relaxed. I had to use the restroom and by the time I got out my nurse told me he was here. She walked me back to the surgery room and Jose had to sit outside while they did my spinal.
I walked into a room that was as cold as a meat locker! It was FAREEZING in there! I had to climb up onto a bed and lay over a table for the anthestisiologist to do his thing. There was another guy in the room, who's wife happened to be due next week & would be having a cesarian also. We all talked, while I tried to stay calm and warm (Yeah Right, that was almost impossible!). The nurse was really sweet and asked me about mine & Jose's "begining" and my life. I was open and found it fun that I was being asked such neat questions. The anisthesiologist was prepping me and walking me through every step. When he said, "Ok, your going to feel a little sting", I was thinking that he was going to numb me. See, when I delivered Anthony, I remember feeling the needle going into my spine. His whole delivery really was one of my most horrible experiences I have gone through in my life!
The nurse warned me before hand that when the spinal was in I would feel my waiste and legs get really warm and then I wouldn't have control.
Well, after the "sting", I felt everything going warm. I also felt the baby kicking and moving inside of me, and then all of a sudden, I didn't feel anything at all!
Now that I think about it, it was cool that I got to feel my baby moving inside of me just before it was brought into the world.
So, the nurse pulled the table away from me and told me to use my arms to keep myself up and she would swing my legs around to lay me down.
While all of this was going on, Dr. Hordynski was coming in and out, the "assistant", nurse and anethstesilogist were all talking about a film festival that Dr. H went to over the weekend in Palm Springs. We all had a very nice time just talking.
After I was swung around, Dr. H went out and called Jose in.
They put up the 'famous blue tarp' and started to prep me. Dr. H's assistant came in and introduced herself.
Then it all began...
Within a few minutes I heard Dr. H ask Jose if he was ready & to get the camera.
Jose stood up and was taking pics. I didn't know of what, of course, but after I saw them I was shocked!
Jose told me yesterday that Dr. H pulled her head through and waited for Jose to snap a pic. He would pull her out more and wait for him to snap another. That was really cool & sweet of my Dr!
While Jose was standing there snapping away, I remember laying there thinking, "I am gonna have my baby any second." I was taking the moment to give all the Praise to God for all the things I have learned and been through during this pregnancy.
It felt like forever.
Then I heard Dr. H say, "It's a girl, you have another girl!"
I asked Jose, "WHAT!?!?"
He was crying and said, "It's a girl!"
I asked, "Are you guys sure?" Someone, I think the nurse, said, "Yup, all her plumbing is inside."
Honestly, I was in disbelief. Everyone knows we were hoping and really thought it was a girl, but we never knew. It just made all that I have been learning through God's grace even more eye opening.
I just began to bawl and praise God for EVERYTHING! It's just a sign that everything is going to be alright. He has my world in His hands and my life is being lived out according to His purpose.
I heard her cry and they took her over to the table to do their stuff. Jose asked if he could go take pics & they told him sure, just stay away from the operating table.
He didn't get to cut the umbilical cord, but that's alright!
They finally brought her over to me so I could see her. She was so round & red. She looked perfect! (Dominic was not a cute baby, Jose doesn't like that I say that, but he really wasn't. He was very long, lengthy, and looked like an old man...SERIOUSLY!)
Delayna was perfect & absolutely gorgeous!
I asked for her weight & they hadn't done that yet. They told me they were going to take her & Jose out to do all of the stats, etc.
Dr. H explained to me that he was finishing up with everything inside of me & he would be tying my tubes next.
So I laid there and just took the time to relesh in God's love. Just the contentness of everything. I had such a peace about me, one I haven't felt in a VERY long time!
I tried to rest and doze off, but my face kept itching me.
I asked the nurse what was in the spinal, because I was so itchy. The anisthesiologist said it is a side effect & they ordered me a shot for it.
Dr. H, Liz (my nurse), the assistant, & surgeon asst all continued to talk about stuff, making me laugh and just keeping a nice time.
Before I knew it, they rolled me into the recovery room where I was greeted by Jose & Delayna.
The nurse did my vitals, etc. I got to finally hold Delayna. She was very sleepy & completely relaxed. They tried sitting me up, but I felt naseous as soon as they brought me up, so I had to go back down.
Liz came in from her lunch and told us that 'Great-Grandma' was there and wanted to see us. So I sent Jose out to talk to her. He brought back a little gift from her. It is a book for moms. I still haven't really looked at it, but it's one with little sayings & quotes.
While Jose was out Liz wanted me to get Delayna bonging with skin to skin contact. So we laid there together just loving on another. She wouldn't wake up & they didn't want me to nurse, because I still coudn't sit up.
By 3pm I was taken up to my room & adjusted. Jose went down while they situated me and got Grandma.
She came up and was stoked to get the baby. She had a pleasent surprise awaiting her in Delayna's diaper :-) Grandma was happy to change it.
Before long I hear feet running, and my curtain flies open to a very familiar face...Anthony!
Following behind was Adriana & Sarah then mom & Dominic.
Not much longer, Gail, James & Devin came to visit.

"For this child we prayed and the Lord hath given us our petition which we have asked of Him." 1 Sam 1:27


Choofy Mama said...

awww that made me cry and cry and i am stealing that verse :)

and i can't help that i totally LOL'd @ the part about dom as a baby-i love that you called him out, HAHAHA, i always wondered "would i know if my kid wasn't "really" cute?

It's true-some babies just are not as...perfect, but Dom made up for that by being one of the cutest little guys I've ever seen, so I guess it all evened out :P

Congrats again, I'm so filled with so much happiness and joy for you!! <3

This Is Me, Doing What I Do said...

Feel free to steal that verse, God gave it to us to stand on!

Shoot, I aint gonna lie just cause he's my kid...LOL.
I agree too, he has turned out to be one heck of a little catch :P

Thanks for the Love Jen! <3