Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What, Puberty!?!

Sunday night after FUSION the leaders were meeting about next Sunday's Christmas Party.
Well, Anthony thought that he needed to put some info in and said something about a box.
When he said box, his little voice went...CRACKLE!
Mike & Noe started teasing him and making fun... after all it was funny!
Later I told Jose, "No way can our baby be going through puberty."

Well, last night while Jose & the kids were playing/wrestling Anthony was trying to be the "big dog" and taking Jose down. At one point Anthony was laughing and saying something and I noticed his voice cracking and breaking up.
When Jose stood up, I pointed out to him Anthony's voice crackling. He kinda chuckled in the "proud papa" mode and shook his head like he heard him.
I know this time was coming, but gees, already!?!
Can't a mama have a break and not have to go through this before her baby is 13?
Another bitter sweet moment in my life...


kbell said...

They grow up way too fast!

Anonymous said...

I think I'm pms'ing cuz that gave me a lump in my throat!! lol!!