Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's Winter!!!!

Yesterday we woke up to TONS of rain and Fareezing cold temps! I went to work and it was a chilly 33* at 5:00am! I was VERY surprised it wasn't snowing down here.
Well, when I got home from work, I walked in the house and what do I see...
My cute little boy, yes Dominic, in his pajamas still, cars slippers, his robe and holding a big 'ol cup of "chockie chockie's". It was too stinken cute!!!! I wish I had a camera in my hand.
Jose had the fire going and it was a chilly 66* in my house. Totally fine with me, I am LOVING the cold (except at work, where it's a chilly 60* and NO heater or heat...UGH!)
It rained all day long, it was fabulous!
My mom left to go to work around 10 and came home around 12 and said that on her way up to Yucaipa, there was a snow plow truck plowing snow on her way up to Wildwood Canyon...HOW COOL!!! She said it was really thick up there.
So, I thought we could take the kids up after school, but then I realized Adriana had her performance that night at 5:00pm. So we will be going today!!!

Later that night the kids & Jose all got wild hairs and started wrestling and playing around on the floor. Since I can't get in the mix at this point, I stood back and took a couple of pics.
Here they are...
Dog Pile Papa!

Shoving a stinky sock of Adi's in Papa's face

Papa & Dominic w/ Adi's stinky sock...YUCK!

Oscar getting in the mix