Monday, November 24, 2008

Saturday Soccer Review

So our day started at 8:30am for Anthony's check in.
Anthony's game began at 9:15am against the undefeated team...Highlighters.
They had to beat this team to take 2nd place and have the title of beating the undefeated team.
The game began. It was a VERY intense game!

Anthony played goalie or "keeper" (he was secretly trying out for a Regional Playoff Team, yes, that's a HUMONGOUS deal!!!).
The Highlighters were putting up a tough game and The Titans were fighting even harder!
At half time the score was 1-0 in favor of The Titans (yes, Ant's team!).
Second half began and we were fighting hard to keep our shutout.
A player came towards Anthony to make a goal, Anthony came out of the box to get the ball, it was kicked just before he grabbed it, going over his whole body. One of Anthony's team mates was back behind Ant near the goal. The ball began to roll into the goal box and Ant's team mate, got in the goal, and kicked the ball out! Saving our shut out!
We managed to get another goal and as Coach Lenny began the countdown from 4 mins, The Highlighters fought even harder to get a goal & The Titans fought to keep their shut out.
It got really dirty towards the end with The Highlighters wanting to make a goal, so we would get a shut out & bragging rights.
In the end The Titans WON 2-0!!!

Adriana's game was next.
This too was a tough game. As soon as we got to the field Adriana was having a hard time breathing and was crying. We thought she got hurt and we were telling her to just lift her hands and breath. It wasn't that, she was seriously having a hard time breathing. Coach Terry went in to check her and had to pull her out. *If you know Adriana, she is a FIGHTER! You will see that now matter what she is faced with, she will fight through it and keep going.* This was serious. Jose went down to her on the sideline and got her doing some weird soccer breathing excercises. *Only Jose would know this stuff, he's such a weirdo...LOL*
After the first quarter, she went back in as goalie.

They played against a really good team. It was a tough fight.
Nothing great for our team. Adriana made the first goal of the game but, unfortunately my little girl didn't win the game. I do believe that the score was 2-5, it was BAD!
She was ok, but upset. She knew she had one more chance to kick some butt later on in the day.

At this point when Adi's game was over, we had exactly an hour to get these kids some food in their belly's and be back on the field to play Adi's next game.

We fed them and got back out onto the field.
This time we were in the sweltering heat with a team from only God knows where!
The team wasn't all that great, but man, they were dirty!
The coaches were horrible, if you could figure out who the coaches were. Then the other parent's watching were yelling at our players when they were on that side of the field! Adriana said that our old neighbor was on the other side talking smack to her...WHAT NERVE!
I'm VERY surprised some of those parents weren't red carded & kicked off the field! *OH, and this is the team that took 1st place in the end!?!*
Anyway, Adriana was kicked in the knee, tripped, kicked in the back of the foot, her toe was kicked, then stepped on by the same girl, but she kept on pushing. This girl has FIGHT!
She was PISSED and was ready to take it out on the field.
Unfortunately her anger didn't allow her to take a win. The team was VERY dirty and literally fought to take the positions they did.
I haven't a clue of the score. I just wanted the game to be over and my baby to be done & taken home to get some R&R!

We got her home at almost 1pm and had to get Anthony back on the field by 3pm for his 3:30 final game.

This time Anthony was playing our friend's team, Ed & Jenny. They haven't won a game all season, and as much as I wanted to see my son's team take first place, I wanted to see Ed win a game. Especially a tournament game against the 2nd place team!
The game began with a BANG! As awesome as the morning game was, this was even better!
Beaumont Extreme played HARD!!! Some of those boys that began really with no knowledge of the game were REALLY showing improvement!
Anthony played sweeper for the first half & was put into keeper for the 2nd half.
The final score for this game was 2-0
In favor of...
The Titans!
Yeah Baby! My son's team took FIRST PLACE!!!!!! We were SO very proud!!!!
This made Coach Lenny's tenth 1st place tournament team! Congrats Coach Lenny, You Deserve It!!!
Here's a pic of The Titans from earlier in the day