Monday, November 24, 2008

A day at the Dr's office with the Herrera Boys

Friday I had to take Anthony in to the Dr.
His chest bone has been protruding and getting worse. Jose was REALLY worried about him and what was going on.
So I called Thursday and the only day they could get me in was on Friday (which was the day of Vicky's memorial & I had to miss it), or I had to wait until January.
So Dominic and I get ready and go pick up Anthony from his school. While we are waiting (like 15 mins!), Dominic is just being a goof and entertaining the staff & I.
We head to the Dr's and Dominic realizes which office we are going to and starts screaming,
"Mama, we can go in the alligator!?!" I know what it means, but Ant looks at me like, "what is this kid talking about?"
So I told Dominic, "Well, ask 'Bobo' and see if he wants to go in the alligator."
Dominic asks Ant and Ant replies, "What is the alligator?"
So, I told Dominic, "We'll go in and surprise Bobo what the alligator is."
Well, anyone that has kept up with my blog knows, the alligator is the ELEVATOR at the Dr's office.
We go into the building and Dominic shows Bobo what the alligator is and asks him if he wants to go in. Of course we do and Anthony starts busting a gut when he realizes that the alligator was the elevator.
We go up and I go to check Ant in. Dominic & Anthony walk off and I look over to see Dominic standing in front of the Women's bathroom. I ask him, "Dominic, what are you doing? Why are you standing here?"
He answers, "Because Bobo is in there." I said, "WHAT, why is your brother in there?!?!"
I open the door and yell, "Anthony?"
Oh yes, the boy answered me!!! He was in the Woman's bathroom, in a stall getting ready to go to the bathroom.
He replies, "What!?" Like I was in the wrong bathroom and he was baffled that I was in there.
I tell him, "Your in the Women's bathroom."
He didn't believe me and started to argue and laugh at the same time. Then he comes out of the stall to see me standing there pointing to the sign on the door.
"Yes son, your in the Women's bathroom!"
We were ROLLING!!!!
He quickly came out and went into the Men's.

After we get called back to the office, we are in there talking and Dominic is playing with a really cool puzzle that was in the office. I asked him to name the items in the puzzle.
So he started to name them off and picks up the helicopter and calls it a "HELOCLOPTO".
Anthony & I started busting up laughing the way he was pronouncing it.
Lately Dominic has been really using his tongue to pronounce his "L's" and calling it a "heloclopto" was just hillarious!
Dominic didn't find it very funny and started to get mad at Anthony for laughing.
So Dominic walked over to Anthony, who was laying on the table laughing, climbed up onto the step and...
WHAM! He hit him as hard as he could in his private!
I was laughing SO hard that I had to hide my face. I wanted Dominic to know that it wasn't ok to hit his brother there, but the way it all happened was so funny that I couldn't help but laugh while my poor son is curled up rolling on the table.
I finally compose myself and talk to Dom and tell him he needs to appologize to his Bobo.
He walked back over to the table and Anthony sat up to see him, and Dominic jumps up and...
WHAM! Dominic's head bonks Ant right in the nose!
We finally got the appologies out, but man, was I hurting from laughing so hard! While poor Anthony is dying in pain.
After we get through the painful appologies, Anthony is telling me how hungry he is and wants to go eat. He calls Dominic over and tells him in his ear to come ask me something.
Dominic comes over and is saying something about "Juno". I am trying to decifer what he is trying to say regarding "Juno". I know that boy has NEVER seen that movie!
He says, "Mama, Bobo wants Cardos Juno!" Then I finally figure out what he is saying...
"Bobo wants Carl's Jr." ROFLMBO!!!!!!
Finally the Dr comes in to check Ant out and is having him do the typical breathing excercises.
She tells him to breath in, breath out.
We hear this really heavy breathing and look over at Dom and he is breathing in and out with Anthony.
We all start busting up laughing!
So after about 1 1/2 hours of comedy, we find out that Anthony's sternom is growing outward instead of together (go figure, Dom's grows in & we were EXTREMELY worried when he was a baby that it would eventually puncture his lungs).
He is fine, he will just have a "well defined chest" as he gets older and works his pecs out.
All in all, everything is good and we got a great hour or so of comedy!!!


kbell said...

OKay, that was too funny!! Is there EVER a dull moment in the Herrera House?! =)