Monday, November 3, 2008

My Election Day Baby

My election day baby girl turned 10 years old today. She is such a good girl! I never thought I would get over those days that she whined and cried all the time, but I did!
She still has her days, but that just makes her who she is, and she is definitely a girl!
I had to go to court with my mom early this morning, so the kids stayed home from school. When I got home she was ready to go to school. She seemed to have a good day when I picked her up.
We all went home and put groceries away and I began to cook and clean.
She requested Chinese food, so I made Egg Drop Soup and Chicken Fried Rice with Fortune Cookies and Apple Dump Cake for desert. It was all VERY YUMMY!
James & Devin came over and had dinner with us (Gail was sick and Sarah just didn't come).
It was all in all a very nice day for her.
She had a visit from Bill & Karen who brought her a card with 5 $2 bills (this is a tradition of Karen's for the kids) and a really nice shirt.
Then Mona came over and gave her some mula as did Jodi.
I totally forgot to give her our present with everything else going on. So just before bed I put her outfits on my bed and had her come see them.
Jose and I got her 2 outfits. One is a Limited Two Sweater with a pair of Levis and the other is another pair of Levis with a Hannah Montana purple top with a Hannah Montana Boys Cap, scarf & gloves that all match.
So Happy Birthday My Baby Girl!!!
Mama Loves You!!!