Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Blog Layout & Name

Ok, so I am in the process of having my blog re-designed to something original & I need a new name.
Since making this blog I have gone from it just being for the kids to general things going on in my life (I did have two, but that became too much!).
So I need some help with a new name for my blog.
One I am throwing around is "Life As A Soccer Mama".
Some help would be that I of course am a Pampered Chef Mama, a soccer mama, I have been blessed with 3 1/2 children (will be 4 in Jan/Feb), I love my husband and family, I am dedicated, an over achiever, loving, a christian woman who is striving to be the best I can unto the Lord. I am a Sunday School teacher, on the Youth ministry at my church and have a heart for people.

If you have any ideas, please post a comment. I will follow up and let you know what I decided...
And keep looking for updates :)


Anonymous said...

Hey girl,
just stopping by and letting you kn ow that we love you and your faily. Here are some thought's on a name for your blog.

*Hangin w/ the Hererra's
*Melissa H. "Unplugged"
*Here, There & Everywhere w/ The Hererra's

melissa said...

"Madness in Motion"
"Mi Casa es Su Casa"
"Hererra Happenings"
"Good luck keeping up, I can't even do it"
"Melissa in Mo Rocks!"
yah, i like the last one best.

melissa said...

Oh yah, forgot one...
"I thought I was coming here to help come up with baby names, but all it was for was a blog"