Monday, October 6, 2008

I don't wanna

I have about 50 soccer teams worth of fundraisers that I need to go through, calculate and put into the excel spreadsheet. Ugh, I have A LOT of work in front of me for those cookie dough orders! I just hope we did much better than last week. We are at about half of what we made last year. The financial crunch is definitely hitting the soccer fields too!

I was off today and took advantage of it in my house. I actually got ALL of my laundry done (no, it's not put away, but its clean and folded), my kitchen got a MUCH needed scrub down and I did my grocery shopping.
Which by the way,,, my savings for this week were just about $50! I bought my whole weeks menu, plus some needed hygiene products. I love seeing my savings!!! I even stayed under my self-given budget...WOOHOO!

So, I am done for the day! I am gonna get ready for bed, because my wonderful work week begins in the morning...
Oh, but I do have my bible study I am truly looking forward to!
I must blog about that one day when I have a minute between a minute. We all know how that goes!