Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Vessel Of Honor For God

Well, some may know, and others may not. I have been doing a bible study at the YCC church for 5 weeks now. The study is called Daniel and it is by Beth Moore.
I have had my grandma, 2 of my great aunts & a cousin just boast about how awesome Beth Moore's bible studies are. Personally, I am not one to sit and watch christian channels on t.v. all day. I guess you can say that it is something that I have been turned off of due to my mom's extreme watching of it my whole life.
*I am NOT saying that there is anything wrong with watching those leaders on t.v., it's just not my thing. I would rather hear my pastor and learn from personal bible studies rather than watching some random person teach on television.*
Well, my MOTS group was announcing a while back that YCC was going to be doing a study on Daniel by Beth Moore. I remembered my cousin, Robin, telling me about it. She really had an experience with that particular study and highly recomended it to me.
Knowing this, I had a yearning in my hear to go, but looking at circumstances, I didn't see how it would be possible.
Well, talking to a friend of mine, she suggested that I ask my co-worker to come in an hour early so that I could get home, get Domi ready and get my butt to the church by 9am.
Well, I prayed and asked the Lord to open the doors and sure enough, he did!
I began my bible study and was just in awe.
To save time, our sanity and cut down on the reading, I won't go into all that I learned in the begining. I do have to say though, I don't understand how anyone can denounse God. I know there are SO many things in the bible that show how real he is, but read Daniel 2 and really pay attention to the profetic empires that came to pass. Even history books tell about those empires. How can we denounse this!?!
Ok, so on to today...
While in small group, I opened up and asked for prayer. The Lord has opened my eyes to what Satan is attempting to do in my life since starting this bible study. I shared with the group that since the start of the study, satan has been attacking me in places in my life that I didn't think were issues anymore. Things are coming up inside of me, making me take a step back and evaluate myself through this.
I praise God that He has given me wisdom to turn to Him in this time of need. To stand up to Satan & lean upon God's grace and loving mercy.

And So, We are starting the study on Daniel 5.
As I sat and listened to Beth go through this chapter and write out the points that she brings out for us, I sat in awe.
Exactly what I just asked for prayer for, God spoke to me right through this video of Beth.
Here are some points

  • We are holy vessels in the house of the Lord. BUT, Satan can make you feel unholy. By making you feel unholy, you will begin to live that way.
  • I have been declared Holy, God set his name upon MY head. I have to claim it and allow myself to feel this way.
  • Nothing makes Satan more happy than us to go against what God has for us. If he can convince us that we are less than, he can get to us and make us "toast an unholy cause." *anyway that we choose to act less than who WE ARE!*
  • Satan has no greater agenda than attempting to desecrate what God consecrates.
  • Vessels that have been treated as unholy can be treated as HOLY AGAIN! PRAISE GOD!
After the bible study a woman from my small group came up to me and really spoke life into me. Basically telling me that I am blessed. The Lord has something for my life and satan is fighting hard to make Melissa feel less than what Melissa is.
Growing up my mom & my great Aunts have always told me that I am blessed. That the Lord has destined me for something great. And that He has always have and always will have His hand upon my life.
I never doubted this, but also never completely understood it until today.
I thought that my blessings were just having a home, a husband, my children & living life to the abundance I am.
BUT, it's not. I am blessed beyond measure. The Lord has blessings bigger than I can EVER imagine.
Pastor Todd has been preaching on "What to do when." and he stated something that is lining up with all of this & I am opening my eyes to it all. He stated, "The Lord has something greater for our lives than what we think." "We think medeocracy and he says GREATNESS, ABUNDANCE & MORE THAN YOU CAN DREAM." (That was all translated into my own words :-) )
As of today I am seeing that I am more than a blessing. I have so much more waiting for me than what I expect for my life.
I am a holy vessel & I will learn to treat myself this way.
Before closing, I want to share a prayer that Beth prayed with us today...

A Vessel Of Honor For God
I, (your name) belong to God.
I am a holy vessel because I house the Holy Spirit of the Living God.
The Lord of heaven and earth has said over me, "I declare you holy."
Today I commit to start believing what He says. I AM HOLY!
Empower me daily, Spirit of the Living God, to treat myself as holy.
Open my eyes to every scheme of the enemy to treat me as if I'm not.
You God, are God.
Your Word is truth.
This day, Father, I choose to believe You.
In Jesus Name, Amen.

Then before the study we sang a song that is about 30 years old. The director said he never heard it, but I KNOW I have! Maybe going to church with my grandma or mom as a child, but I have sang this song!

A Vessel Of Honor
A vessel of honor for God
A vessel of honor for God
Sanctified Holy, that I may be,
A vessel of honor for God.


Stephanie said...

this was a beautiful post Melissa--thank you for sharing this with me today!!
HUGS To you!!!