Monday, August 4, 2008

"But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD."

Well, all the kids are back from camp and I am just floored by what they have brought back home.
Adriana did really well, and her biggest thing she brought home is:
She wants to speak in tongues.
***If you don't know what this is or think it's some crazy thing that "Pentecostal's" do or a cult, Refer to 1Corinthians 12:4-11, this explains the gifts of the spirit.***
This is a great joy for my 9 y/o daughter to want to have such a special gift from God, but on the same note, I want her to truely understand what it is, and it's not something to 'play' with.
What shocks me even more, is this:
Monday~Adriana came home from camp. I began talking with her and asking what she learned, etc. She shared with me that she wanted to have the gift to speak in tongues. I asked her if she knew what it was and how it was explained to her. She was explained right and she truely understands what it is, which is shocking.
Some adults don't even understand. Maybe it's that as we mature & 'age' we begin to form our 'own opinions' about things. We form these opinions of what we have experienced, seen, heard, etc. But from a child's perspective, it's still so innocent. A child is still open to so many things before having an opinion or set mind on certain things.
She also LOVED her camp leaders and thinks the world of Jim, Kelliey and Pastor Brigg. She had a fabulous time and can't wait for next year.
OH, and not to mention how much she missed her brothers! Especially Anthony. By the time it was time for him to come home *to which I drove up to get him, and she called me about 4 times to find out when we would be home* she was bursting out of her pants.
Maybe some seperation is what is needed with siblings. I love that my children are true siblings, ie. bikering, fighing whining, etc.. But the love that I get to see shine through them is so fulfilling!

Tuesday~ Jose, my mom and I went to bible study and guess what the topic was.
The Holy Spirit. I was really in a "WOW" state that the Lord would bring this to my attention. We studied a lot on the topic, 4 hours worth! I have many bible references to what the Holy Spirit is, what the Holy Spirit's function is, what the gifts of the Spirit are, etc.
So all in all, I can take this a not only know for myself, but something that I can pray with my daughter about. Something I can educate her on more, something that we can study and truely get into more, TOGETHER!
Sometimes I am in awe of what the Lord does!

Now Anthony & Sarah...
Anthony is NEVER really talkative about things that he experiences. I don't know why, but it's ok. He has really grown a love for John, his camp counselor, who also happens to be a friend of a few people out of our church and Mike!
This kid has something with Pastor Mike and really looks up to him. We have been blessed that Mike has been placed in our lives. My son not only has a friend, but a christian mentor to look up to. One that is TRUE (you should hear him pray and tell God how hungry he is...LOL) and real. He's not a "holy roller", "better than you" type of person. He is who he is, and that's all that he is :)
So, camp, yeah, Anthony didn't ellaborate much, but that's ok. I know whats inside my boy, and I have a boy that is filled with the love of Christ! He is sensitive to the spirit and his gifts will be shining before I know it!
I didn't have a chance to talk to Sarah about what she brought home from camp, but last night I got a glimpse of how she was touched by God.
We had FUSION YOUTH last night at church and Pastor Mike talked to the FUSION leaders and told us that he wants us to be totally open to what these kids are going to do.
Camp TRUELY opened some of these children up.
Some of these children have HORRIBLE pasts! Pasts that an adult couldn't even fathom a child going through, but they have. These children are hurt, scared, wounded, etc. and from someone who really knows where these children are, it will only take God's hand to touch these children and heal so much inside of their little minds.
So, we agreed with Pastor Mike and prayed that the spirit would move and that the Lord would show himself real. That they don't have to be "on the mountain", but it can happen here, at home, where all the pain takes place. Just learning to reach out to our Heavenly Father, anywhere, anytime.
So, praise and worship began. *Stopping to get a tissue*
These kids were at the alter, lifting their hands, surrendering to our Heavenly Father, crying out & waiting for a touch.
As I stood there, holding Dominic on my left hip and raising my right hand in submission to the Lord, I prayed that the Spirit would move in our little A-Framed building called Legacy Christian Center. I cried out to Jesus to touch these children, hurting and crying out for hope.
As I opened my eyes to wipe the tears, I saw it.
It was the touch that was laid upon my neice.
She stood there with her arms raised, in submission to our Heavenly Father. Praising Him, giving her ALL to Him, waiting for Him to touch her and her broken little heart.
It really opened my eyes, and for a moment, I thought,
"This is why I do what I do."
Then began to praise my Heavenly Father. Thanking Him for what he has done in my sweet neices heart. She has had many things happen to her in her little 14 years of life.
She needs to know that she may not have it all, it may not always be perfect, our lives will go through SO MANY struggles, but it is OK, because in the end,
God is all we have and HE WILL bring us through!
After praise & worship, we opened the alter up for anyone who wanted prayer, and the power that was felt was AWESOME!
These kids have truely been touched, and one of my own is one of them!
This girl is going to do great works and she has a mom & stepdad that WILL be back in church and doing a MIGHTY work!
"But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD." ~Joshua 24:15
I hope I didn't ramble, I wanted to get everything in, and yet not make you feel like you are reading a novel.
May God's hand be upon your life and that you will experience the same love that I have.
~One Proud Mama & Tia


Lisa Prieto said...

Wow, what a fabulous testimony to what the Holy Spirit can do through His children. May you and Jose continue to be good examples and especially your efforts with Sarah be blessed. Love and miss you bunches, Lisa