Wednesday, August 6, 2008

15 Weeks & 6 Days

That is how far along in my last pregnancy I am.
It's exciting getting to that 16 week mark, but I am actually kind of sad.
To know this is my last one that I will be having.
Jose and I know this is going to complete us, but it's kinda sad to know that I won't be going through morning sickness again, feeling a baby move inside of me again, knowing that the has blessed me with a life to grow and nurture inside this crazy body of mine.
I just felt I should blog my feelings today, so I can go back years from now and know how I was feeling.
I have around 24 more weeks to cherish and I will probly be blogging more about it, as well as posting some belly pics soon.
This is my last, so I want to preserve it!
Here is a quote that is on my signiture for a message board. I liked it so I am posting it...

"A baby is a blank cheque made payable to the human race." ~Barbara Seifert
I like to say that a baby is a blank cheque blessed by God's Grace... :)