Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I want a baby Destiny

So, Saturday I babysat my friend's 9 month old daughter and her 15 month old son. Being that they are foster to adopt babies, I didn't want to post pics. So sorry there are none to share.
It was just Dominic, Baby Destiny, Daniel & I for 4 hours together!
We really had alot of fun!
Dominic especially. I really wanted to see how he was going to respond to a baby that doesn't talk or respond like his older brother & sister. I wanted to observe how gentle he would be, how attentive he would be & how helpful he would be.
Well, lets just say, "Dominic is going to be a FANTASTIC big brother!"
He did SO well with D&D!
Daniel took a nice nap for me, but Destiny on the other hand slept for all of 20 mins!!! Yeah, I was POOPED!
Dominic was able to have 1 on 1 time with her and really interact with her.
It was GREAT fun watching him!
So after Arlene came to pick them up & they left Dominic kept repeating;
"Mama, I want a baby Destiny."
So I finally asked him... "Well, do you want a baby Destiny or do you want the baby in mama's belly to be a girl?"
To which he replied, "I want mama to have a baby girl."
So I explained to hime, "That would mean that you would have a baby sister and not a baby brother. Do you want a baby sister?" (Footnote, he has been wanting a baby brother since he found out mama has a baby in her belly)
So he said, "Yes mama, I want a baby sister."
Now he tells me ALL the time...
"Mama, I want a baby Destiny in your belly."


Judi said...

Awwww, Domi is so sweet! He sure is going to make a fantastic big brother.
Kiss him for me!

Anonymous said...

Well, Mitty, your family is really growing. I remember I had three children when I was your age, but all three were girls. I pray this child will grow up learning about our Lord as the other three are. We love you and your family, Mitty.