Thursday, July 24, 2008

Camp Time

So, I am on the countdown for kids to go to camp.
Adriana leaves Friday morning. I am driving her up to Frasier Park after I get off of work.
I am kind of anxious for her to go this year, and I'm not quit sure why.
We seem to have really bonded this summer.
If you know my past with Adriana, we have never really had a mother/daughter bond and we have really gotten close this summer.
So, I am kinda sad she is going.
But I know she will have a wonderful time!
She comes home on Monday, so only gone for 4 days.
Then Anthony leaves.
I am really excited for him to go. I am praying that the Lord really touches him and brings him closer to him and Anthony can open up to a true relationship with God through this time.
I will update more later!
Just keep this mama in your prayers.
I know all will be fine, but my emotions are getting the best of me.