Saturday, January 12, 2008

Day 3 & 4 Without Chupi

Well, nap time was a bit of a struggle today, but not too bad.
He asked for his chupi, but I told him, it was gone.
Dominic seems to think that the monsters on Monsters, Inc. took them...LOL
So, he laid down with me and fell asleep with in 5 mins. Not Bad At All!

Bed time wasn't too bad either.
We had a sleep over in the living room.
He laid down with Jose and Adriana, and I didn't hear anything at all.

Then today I put him down for his nap.
He asked for his chupi, but we went through the same drill.
"Remember your chupi is gone."
"Monsters take it Mama?"
"Yup, the monsters took it mijo."
"From Monsters, Inc."
"Yup, I'm sorry."

He came down one time.
I took him back up and he went to sleep!

We'll see how bed time goes tonight.