Friday, January 11, 2008

Day 2 Without Chupi

Well, Dominic woke up at 8 am without his chupi, for the first time!
I acknowledged it and gave him Hi-5!

So at nap time, I took him upstairs to lay him down w/out his chupi.
I told him that I would read a book to help him relax.
Then he asked me to lay with him, so I did.
Until the phone rang.
He was just about to fall asleep, when he heard it.
He popped his head up and said, "Mama, phones ringing!"
So, I told him to stay in bed and take a nap, mama is gonna go get the phone.
I went downstairs to take the call.
I start cleaning the kitchen when I hear little foot steps coming down the stairs.
It's Dominic, he needs to "go potty".
So, I take him back up. Take him potty and put him back to bed.
I go back down stairs to finish.
I went out to the garage to get me something for lunch, walk back into the kitchen, and guess who is looking for mama.
You got it!
I told him he needed to go back upstairs and lay down.
Took him back up, went back down and put my food in.
Went out to the trash can, and come back in.
Guess who is standing at the bottom of the stairs.
You got it, Dominic!
He tells me, "Mama, I not tired, I hungry."
OK, so I make him lunch and eat w/ him.
No, he didn't nap!

So, bed time.
Sarah & Devin spent the night, so this was even funner!
Lets just say, it took over an hour to put him to bed.
I am too exhausted to go through that situation on keyboard.

BUT, it is 2 nights w/out chupi!
Very happy about that!