Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day 1 without Chupi

Well, Dominic woke up this morning and couldn't find his chupi.
So, I decided this will be an oportune time to take advantage of weaning him!
Nap time came, and he asked for it.
I told him that we couldn't find it and he would have to sleep w/out it.
He was kinda sad.
So I told him "Let's pray and ask Jesus to comfort you and help you to sleep without your chupi".
So we did.
I layed him down and kissed him good night.
Walked out and went to my room.
He got up about 3 different times "to go potty".
Finally I told him, "lets go and lay in mama's bed and take a nap together".
So, he did.
It took him about 20 mins of him being VERY restless, but once I saw he was just done, I started to rub his face and put him to sleep.

So tonight, Jose put him to bed.
He asked for his chupi, but Jose told him that we couldn't find it and would have to sleep w/out it.
Dominic got up and down coming into our room for about 30 mins, "to go potty" again.
Finally, I put him down at 11 pm and told him that he needed to stay in bed and go to sleep.
All was well and he slept until 8 am!