Wednesday, November 14, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness

Day 14- As I sat here about an hour ago pitching a hissy fit not wanting to get up to sweep & mop my floor God whispered in my ear...
Melissa, you should be grateful for the floors you have to clean. The beautiful home that is yours to keep tidy. The legs that get you up to do your chores, the arms that work hard to clean everything, the nose to smell the scent of a clean home, the eyes to see t

he difference between clean and dirty. Ears to hear the worship music on in the background as I clean.
A mop to mop the floors with. A broom to sweep the floors with. Bleach to clean the house with. Music to listen to and Praise Him while I clean.
So, today I am grateful for the blessing my home has been to me (and others). I don't take it lightly to live in the gorgeous home that I do live in and the thought of loosing it rips my heart to pieces!
I'm also grateful for my physical being working in proper order so that I can keep and maintain my home.

And because God speaks SO much through my Praise and Worship and HE knows all that I deal with, here is a song that spoke volumes while I was cleaning today...