Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Old Stories #2

As my husband and I sit and wait for the ride that comes everyday, we enjoy the tranquil setting.  The time that is spent between the two of us is special time that nobody but Jose and I can share.  As we sit together and share our thoughts, the strong wind blows our truck so strongly we can feel it rock us.  As we discuss our plans for the day, the windmills around us spin round and round, preparing themself for the day that is ahead of them, just as Jose and I do at the same moment.  I watch his strong muscular hand reach for his coffee mug as if it were a small tea cup.  Jose's large lips cover the edge of the mug and I hear him sip his creamy yet strong coffee that he enjoys every day.  We look out to the west of us and watch the lights of the traffic glimmer in the morning darkness. As he turns around with his back to me in his seat, he hands me his "liga" so that I can braid his long, dark brown hair.  While being turned to the east, we see the sun rising between the hills.  The hues of the sun turn from yellow to green and then three shades of blue the higher we look into the sky.  The sun creeps higher and reflects off the windows of passerbys, making a beautiful scenic view as if we were at the beach watching the same rays of the sun hit the waves.
I can now see my husband's large hazel eyes that clearly chow the colors of green and brown, the ones I fell in love with seven years agao and with which I still fall in deep "awa" when I look into them.  We look up and see the small, white car come up to the top of the off-ramp; Jose turns and kisses me.  He gets out and I watch his tall yet muscularly buit body go to put his lunch box and tools into the car.  He waves good-bye and it is a sad moment, yet hopeful as we know we will be reunited at the day's end.

Since moving these past few years, I came across a few stories that I wrote when I was in college.  I have them in my desk, but I wanted to post them here on my blog, just to reference one day and share with the world.

I have three to share and only one has a title, so I'm just going to number them ;-)