Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Old Stories #1

There are many things in my life that I would like to accomplish, by setting goals for myself and the strength from God I can accomplish them.
First of all I would like to get a job within the next few months.  I don't want just any job, I would like a job that offers hours that are earlier in the day to where I'm getting off before 5pm.  I also want my weekends and holidays off, since I do have a family.  I need as many days with my family I can and due to my husband working a Mon-Fri 6-2 job and my son in school 8-3 I need my weekends and nights.  I would also like to work in an educational environment for now so that I can have my summers off with my son and obtain the experience of working with people of different ethnics.
Second my husband and I would like to start our own business.  My husband has already passed his law exam for a general contractor and now he needs to pass the trade exam.  During the time that he is attending class, and if a good enough paying job, we would like to invest in a computer.  By doing this we can also invest in programs that would help to start our business. 
Third I want to receive my bachelors degree.  To do this I am going to take at least two classes every semester until I receive my 60 transferable credits.  By then, I'm sure I will have found the school I want to further my educational goals in.  I predict that by 2005 I will have my B.A. in Business Management.
Finally my most important goal is an on going goal, is to raise my children in a Godly environment.  This goal is very important to me as I was raised the same way.  To do this I need to be more persistent in going to church on a weekly basis.  After moving and getting my priorities together, I would like to enroll my son into Awanas (a children's  christian bible study) so that he has an environment of God's ways and has a godly perspective in life.  By having my life in God's hands and following his ways, I can be a model for my children.

Since moving these past few years, I came across a few stories that I wrote when I was in college.  I have them in my desk, but I wanted to post them here on my blog, just to reference one day and share with the world.
I have three to share and only one has a title, so I'm just going to number them ;-)