Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just a little news article

Well, I felt as though our Titan Boys deserved some recognition for their accomplishments this past tournament season.  So, I submitted an email to the Banning-Beaumont Patch, it's just a little local web-paper I guess you would call it that is like a news paper, but is on the web.
We shall see what happens.  But I wanted to put it out on here, just because I think these boys deserve some recognition and I don't ever want to forget what these kids have accomplished!

Hi Guy, I'm a mom to a local teen that is part of the local AYSO Tournament Team called Titans. I would love for our boys to be recognized on your website to bring some light to this team. They are a group of 14-16 year old boys that attend Beaumont High School and play Fall Season Soccer for our local AYSO, Region 641. After the fall season the boys come together and play on the tournament team and travel across Southern California.
This past weekend we traveled down to San Diego and played in the Top Gun Tournament. This tournament is known as "the best of the best" when it comes to tournament teams. We've attempted to play in this tournament in the past, but never qualified. This year our stats allowed us to qualify for this tournament.
We were down a strong player and it was obvious in our first game, as we lost 1-0. The boys came together and realized that they can do this. The second game played on Saturday they won 2-1 (and one of our boys accidentally made the goal for the other team). Sunday the boys went out early, playing their first game and tied 2-2. Now we weren't looking like we were going to keep going on and even one of the families planned to head home after our second game of the day. Second game on Sunday, we needed to win 3-0 to guarantee us a spot in the Semi-Final's game. The boys were ready to put up a fight and fought they did!!! The Titans team walked away winning that game 2-0. Now being that we didn't make 3-0 we didn't get the guarantee for the Semi-Final game. We had to wait to see who won the other games later on in the day to determine if we moved on or not.
Later that afternoon we got word that the team that needed to loose for us to go into Semi-Finals lost and WE MADE IT!!!
Monday, we knew we were up for 2 games. The first game determined if we go on to play for 1st & 2nd if we won or 3rd & 4th if we lost.
Well, our boys went out and played the game of their life! As a soccer mom, I have to say that this was THE MOST AMAZING GAME I've ever watched! Our boys walked away winning with a score of 3-1. This guaranteed us moving on to play for 1st/2nd place.
After a LONG, HOT, HARD game our boys lost, but still WON! As the man handing us the medals stated, "This is the toughest tournament in So. Cal., for Beaumont to come out and play against the best of the best and walk away with 2nd place, you are winners!"
Titan's boys have played 6 tournaments (14 games) in the last 21 days. They have medaled in every single one. 1-1st place, 2-2nd places, 1-3rd place & 2-4th places.
I think this little team that doesn't get much recognition from our home town needs to know about these kids. They are on fire and will be a successful group we will be reading about in a few years down the road!
Here is a link to the Standings for the Top Gun Tournament:
Thank you for the time you've taken to read this & I appreciate your work in this community!

Well, while I was posting this, I recieved an email.  Looks as though my story on the boys is going to be published!  I'm so excited for them!!!  It is well deserved!