Friday, March 11, 2011

Sweetest Blessings

My babies are just being so sweet to each other, I just love it!
Anthony tripped outside and busted his arm all up, and Mama had to play Mama (I don't get many opportunities now that he's 15 & "too old").  Delayna saw that 'bobo' hurt his arm and she was all attentive to him.  Then Anthony went and sat down in the living room and she up to me and asked me if Ant could go outside with her.  I told her, go ask him to play outside.  So she went to Anty and said, "Bobo, a play side Me 'a You".  Awe, she's so cute.  He asked her, "you want me to go play outside with you?"  Of course she was telling him yes & he never did, but they were just too cute together.  She is her big bobo's baby sister for sure!
Then Ant was watching Domi play TS3 on the X-Box and he wanted to play with him.  He went to get the remote to 'help' him, but Dom my attitude child got all mad and was fighting with him.  But eventually, they were playing together.
Now Ant just came to me with Dee's head band and flower over his head and she's crying over it.  He tells me, "Mama, tell her I look so pretty."  
My Sweet Blessings.  There isn't a day that goes by that I am flabbergasted that God gave me such awesome babies!