Monday, March 7, 2011

Hello loves

Well, I posted Sunday about 'Icing on the cake'.  Well, I am here today to update ya'll, or just myself, because only God knows who all reads this crazy blog.
Anywhoot, God has been giving me a peace and joy these past two days.  I woke up Saturday with an excitement, not because we went to LA, just an inside joy.  Sunday I woke up feeling the same way.  Just a joy, peace, excitement.  Crazy, with all the stuff going on, that I would have a joy, excitement, peace.  But that's what happens when God is in your life.
We got up and went to church on Sunday, and man was it GOOD!  Pastor talked on "The other side".  Basically, the other side of where we are going, where God is taking us, our journey we are on.  I've been going through some stuff lately and I have seen personally what 'the other side' looks like.  I can look back and see what my journey process was and that the process was worth the outcome.
So here I am, in another journey, with my house. I just got done reading my post from a year ago, 'Will you ride your charriot?' and reflecting on what God did for us, when we thought we were in the worse situation of our lives.  God is good and will get us through, even though the tunnel looks dark and long.  *It's funny that the same situation is arising in my life a year apart.  And the Lord is bringing similar sermons to my spirit.*
So, back to the house situation.  Last week when I found out about our house being in the trustee sale, I of course freaked out and started looking for houses all over.  God kept telling me to stop, and that He will bring a house to us.  Basically, trust Him and slow down.
So, daily, I would be thinking and just talking to God about the house.  There were a few things that I felt He was showing me about the house we are going to get.  Maybe so that when it was presented to us, we would know.  Maybe it was just my wants and He is going to give me the desires of my heart, I don't know.  But here is the list of things, I felt God was telling me would be in our next home:
1. Single story home, possible ranch style
2. It would be rented from an older couple, looking for long term renters to take care of their home.
3. I wanted Oak Valley area, due to school locations etc.  *BUT, I was looking ALL over Beaumont.*
4. The number $1,800 kept popping in my mind.

So last night, Jose and I had to take Ant to quince practice and we decided to drive around Cherry Valley.  We drove ALL of CV and found nothing, but a teeny tiny house for rent...NOT GONNA HAPPEN!
Then he drove down and into some parts of upper Beaumont and then we went into Oak Valley.  I showed him the house Darci is looking to buy and just drove around.  I had already been in here, so I knew there wasn't anything in there.  As we were driving, our lovely landlord called.  Jose was on the phone with him while driving around.  We were going through the last part of OV when I saw a little sign that said, "For Rent".  So I smacked him and told him to pull over.  He did and I got the number.  We left and went to the sports park to go watch the adult league play soccer.
While Jose was out on the field, I decided to call the number to the house.  Talking to 'Chuck', he informed me that the house is a 5 bedroom, 3 bath, 2,300 something sq ft home.  He is wanting to rent it for $1,800.  It is a single story that him and his wife live in now and they are retiring to the desert in April. He's wanting a renter to occupy the home in April.
HA HA!!!!! Now if this doesn't line up with what God was telling me, then I'm carazy!
So we go meet with him tonight.  I'm so nervous, but excited. Such a weird feeling, just not knowing.  I'm praying this is the house for us.  Just to have something I know I can work towards helps so much.  The 'not knowing' is what drives me crazy!
So, I guess I'll update you later...
Melissa =)