Monday, November 15, 2010

30 days of Thankfulness ~Day 14

Today I am thankful for my church, church family & Pastor Todd!
Okay, so I'm posting this on Monday, I know, a day late, but it's still my day 14 thankfulness.
I have got to have one of the best Pastors EVER! Really! I was actually at McDonald's today with Jose and the 2 littles when we ran into one of Ant's old soccer coaches. We got to talking and he asked, "You guys are still going to Legacy, right?" We were like, "Of course!" The he started talking about Pastor Todd. He even referred to him as 'Pastor Todd' when he was talking about his team playing against Todd's soccer team. I thought that was funny.
Anyways, my church is such a loving church! We are growing by leaps and bounds. The greatest part about that is that we are able to reach out to the needy. We have a "new" ministry kicking up called Project 911. It's focus is to bring families back together and have children in a loving environment. As a child that was raised in a 'hard life' my heart is just so appreciative for what the Pedrozas are doing with their team. No, I'm not a part, right now, just because I really do have so much going on and I need to step back and allow God to show me what step I need to take, if any at this point in my life. Anyway, back to my church...
Pastor Todd really knows how to bring the word, and I never walk away from a service empty. We also have great associate pastors that are truly in tune with the Holy Spirit. Last week, P.T. was gone and Pastor Ken took over. I was told that first service last week was all Praise & Worship, that's awesome for our leaders to allow the spirit to move. And if it's moving and staying in P&W then so be it...sometimes, it's what our spirit needs!
Second service, P&W was awesome too, but then Pastor Terry came up and brought a word. Then Pastor Ken came up and brought a word. God truly ministered in both services, obviously.
This week, I went, not wanting to, because I was on day 3 of a MASSIVE migraine! I wanted to stay in bed, but I couldn't...It's just not me. I feel as though, if I can go to my kids' soccer games on Saturday and do other things, then God is definitely worth it.
Anyways, P.T. was talking about praying over our spouses, children, etc. Also claiming our blessings. God has been moving and shaking me and once again confirmed more things to me. But on top of that, Jose grabbed a hold of me and started to pray over me. Just like PT told us to do for each other. I couldn't hear what he was saying, but I know what he was praying over me for. We then went out for a bit, then back home. While I laid in bed later that afternoon, Jose was praying over again. After I woke up, I swear, my headache was gone and I felt like a new woman!
I praise god for giving Jose and I a church, church family and Pastor to teach us all that we have been taught. We have had people come up beside us and stand with us through some of the most troubling times. I love my family, undoubtedly, but my church family is probably closer to me than my blood.
Like the bible says, God will give us friends that stick closer to us than a brother. It's so true and I am overly thankful for my church!