Saturday, November 13, 2010

30 days of Thankfulness ~Day 12

So last night I was stricken with a MASSIVE MIGRAINE! I sat at the top of the football bleachers crying because I was in so much pain and couldn't go anywhere. We finally left the varsity game at half time and came home, drugged myself up and went to bed. So this is why I'm posting late...AGAIN!

I would have to give Day 12 to my fRaZzLeD fEmAlEs!
We had an AWESOME morning with our bible study! I was able to open up and share some things with some women that have taken the step to allow God to change what's inside of every single one of us.
We have made a bond and are opening up to friendship, allowing God to build us up.
God has positioned me in a place in my life, that I never thought I would be...And it's just being ME!
These women confirmed somethings that God has spoken to me.
They opened up and confided in me. Showing me that I have built a trust. I saw that they, just like me, have been hurt in relationships. That we are all in the same boat, learning who/what/when/where we can trust.
I'm excited, because God is going to continue this. I see His hand working on all of us and knowing that we are going to move into the next one, excites me.
WE are planning things out, WE are working together, WE are growing & WE are learning.
This is a group effort and we all bring so much to the table each week. I'm so blessed God has "given me" these women to learn from and with. I can't wait to see the future!
Thank you, each one!


Mrs.J said...

I love you too! Well you already know that.