Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sports Orientation...My little boy is growing up =(

Didn't know how else to title this, but with what I'm gonna talk about.
Wednesday night Anthony & I went to the High School Sports Orientation. While it was pretty lame (due to the speaker they invited) it was kind of a sad/proud moment.
I sat with Kathleen's Mom (Ant's main squeeze's mom) and Linda Keck (Ant & her son Zach went to elementary school together). During the meeting I couldn't help but wander in thought about My Boy starting his new journey in life.
They showed pictures of kids who have achieved great things in their sports. One boy from Beaumont High now plays for the San Fransisco 49ers, another girl was presented an is a blurb from the BHS sports website:

Junior Amanda Hendey has won the first state championship in Beaumont High School history. Amanda won the 126-lb. weight class at the girls' state wrestling championships at Hanford HS on Saturday by pinning her opponent in the 2nd period. Congratulations, Amanda! BHS is proud of you!
They spoke so much on the fact that they are very supportive of their athletes and want the best for them. How awesome to hear that? Especially from school staff!
After the speaker we were able to go meet the coaches. First was the football coach. I spoke to him regarding the rumors of the coaches not "allowing" the boys to play HS football and AYSO. He said that he would support Anthony, if that's what he wants to do, but wants Anthony at the practices and games. Which is understandable and already discussed to us with Lenny. Lenny (Ant's tournament soccer coach) is willing to allow Ant to practice with the football team during the week to get his conditioning and play him in the games on Saturday. Which is AWESOME! This is an awesome opportunity for Anthony to play both sports! OH, and the coaches to support him!
Next we went & spoke with the soccer coach (who just so happens to be the husband to Ant's old PE coach that kicked him out of her class. I think she had a crush on him & that's why she removed him, but whatever). He said that he wants Ant to only play soccer, not football. But that if he is skilled enough that he would work with him to play both sports. He is only taking 5 freshmen, so he will be holding try outs. He is going to have the boys go 1v1 to see their skills. Looking at the list, Ant will do really good up against the boys. We saw 2 boys that he would have good competition with.
After walking away, we were talking about GPA's and scholarships. Ant is stuck on "only needing to carry a 2.0 gpa". But if he wants a scholarship, he needs to focus on a 3.0 or higher. Which he is VERY capable of!
So, we are both really excited! I would LOVE to see my boy get a scholarship to college. He wants to go to USC, but God knows where he will be placed.
Looks like we are going to have our work cut out for us, but it will ALL be worth it in the end!
3 weeks of school left & my boy will be graduating from Jr. High!
Beaumont High School, Here We Come!