Thursday, September 10, 2009

35 Before 35

Ok, so my friend Jessica did up a list of 35 before 35. In other words, 35 things I would like to do before I'm 35.
Here it goes:
1) Go to Guatemala to meet/see my husband's family
2) Become a Director for Pampered Chef
3) Re-do my floors in my house, tile, wood floors and concrete
4) Be a Football Mom
5) Take a cruise with my Honey, ALONE!
6) Take a Disney Cruise with the family
7) Get out of debt, except for my house
8) Get to a healthy weight and be more focused on me as a person & not a wife & mother
9) Revamp my wardrobe
10) Get a built in pool
11) Get my mom into her own place
12) Obtain Good health insurance
13) See a different president in office
14) Run a 5k
15) See my marriage grow
16) See my ministry that the Lord has for me flourish
17) Become better at taking time with God, daily
18) Stand with my friend, Jessica, at her wedding
19) Plan Jessica's wedding =)
20) Spend more time with my extended family
21) Have another family reunion
22) Plan a family reunion for my other family
23) Learn to sew
24) Get a tattoo on my wrist
25) Get a tattoo on my back
26) Go to Glen Ivy & get the FULL treatment
27) Just go to Glen Ivy
28) Watch Anthony walk across the stage at graduation with MANY awards & honors
29) Get a weekly scheduled pedicure
30) Manicure weekly wouldn't be bad either
31) Go to the Grand Canyon again with the kids
32) Watch my church grow & expand
33) Be a part of my church expanding & helping women obtain jobs
34) Watch a Broncos Game LIVE
35) Throw a Super Bowl Party

Ok, now seriously, that was hard! To think of 35 things within "x amount" of time is NOT easy!
I'm also not one to make "goals". I don't know why...OH wait that's my 36
36) To make & obtain some goals
Anyways, what's your list of 35 before 35? Leave me a link of yours or just answer them here ;-)


Mrs.J said...

I just though of one more! 36.)Get glamor shots done of just me and Cera again.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Glen Ivy! Great list - we're honored to be on it and I'm happy to see that you've decided to take the time for yourself and the things that you love to do - you deserve to do things that make you happy and make you feel good! We look forward to welcoming you to paradise (hopefully soon)! Cheers!