Saturday, August 29, 2009

Week full of emotions...

My little boy started kindergarten and my little girl started Jr. High.
We got up Monday morning and did really well getting ready. We took Ant & Adi to the school and of course walked them in. Ant took off with his friends and we walked with Adriana to her first class. On our way, we ran into Alyssa and that's who Adriana ended up staying with. The bell rang and we left her to be a "big girl on campus". Of course I cried after we walked away, but not as bad as when I left Anthony. I guess he helped to prepare me.
Then off to Dominic's school. It was like a zoo, seriously!!! Every parent was there & it was ridiculous! Anyway, Dominic played with Shellianna until it was time to line up and go to class. All the kids lined up & so did the parent's with their cameras in hand. Needless to say, Dominic was not happy about this. He didn't want to stand in line, he didn't want to walk to class, he didn't want to go into the class. Jose was able to get him in and sit with the class. We hung around for a minute then left him.
When we picked him up, he was VERY HAPPY to see us! He had a really good day, but wasn't happy about going. That night we discussed him going to school again tomorrow and what the procedure was going to be. He said he was going to cooperate, but was that what was really going to happen???
Tuesday morning we all got up, without Jose. Got ready & headed out. We dropped the two older ones off at school and headed towards DOminic's school. I was talking to him about staying, having a good day, Angels watching over him, etc...
We got to the school and found Emilio & Shellianna to play. The yard duty blew her whistle and it was all over!!! Dominic was clinging to my thighs, from the back. Screaming & crying, throwing a fit and just not happy with the idea that he once again, has to stay at the school without mom. I pried him into the classroom and as the teacher continued on with her routine, Dominic & I stood in a corner fighting over willpower. I wasn't too happy that nobody came to help me, but I guess I should thank our "wonderful" governor for that one...There was no one but the teacher in the class with 35 children.
After about 3 minutes of tears, I was able to finally get him over to the carpet and sit down with Shelli. I said my "goodbye" and walked out crying myself.
I went home and sat sad for 3 hours anticipating to go get my baby boy. I picked him up and he wasn't too happy about everything, but had an alright day.
Wednesday, same morning routine. I continued to talk with him & pray over him. Once the whistle was blown I told him he needed to stand in line with Shelli. I kissed him and told him to have a wonderful day and remember who is with him. I turned around and walked away. I had to head out to Yucaipa for my MOTS meeting. I got to the school to pick him up a few minutes late, so Mona grabbed him for me. Mona spoke with Mrs. Boursaw and said Dominic had a better day today. Once I looked at his work, I was able to see he did better. He wrote his name & did his work (he just scribbled the days previous). He told me he had a better day, I was SO relieved! He also told me that Mrs. Boursaw wouldn't be at the school Thursday, that she had a meeting to go to. Made me a bit worried! So once again we prayed and talked about things.
Thursday was a much better day as well as Friday.
So, here's some pics...

Here's my broken hearted boy on the classroom rug

Standing in line, very upset!

He did NOT want to smile

Emilio, happy as can be!

Adriana & Allyssa

Not wanting to take a pic


Joanna said...

I'm sorry he had a hard time adjusting to Kindergarten. I wouldn't want to leave you if you were my mommy either. ;) I'm praying he continues to have better days and that this week is a much better week for him.