Thursday, July 9, 2009

Never Say Never

Don't judge, less you be judged!
I know we have all heard that time and time again, but do we really abide by it?
There was an episode on Oprah of a Principle that accidentally left her 23 mos old baby in the car that died to heat exhaustion.
My mom and I watched the episode & my mom sat and griped through the whole episode. I understand the angst that she had in this mother, but it was a complete accident.
Then today I was doing a search to find it & found comments on people that bashed this mother.

Well, my mom & I learned our lesson.
Tuesday morning I woke up and was getting ready to take Adriana to school. Normally, Delayna & Dominic are still asleep, so I leave them to sleep with Anthony. Not this morning, they both woke up. SO, I woke Ant up to come down stairs with Dominic to watch t.v. and took Delayna with me to take Adriana to school.
I got home, came in the house, made me a cup of coffee & offered Dominic some breakfast. Then I sat down at the computer to check my emails.
Then something hit me, about 15 mins after being in the house...DELAYNA IS STILL IN THE TRUCK!
I ran outside, where my mom was sitting on the porch smoking her nasty cigarette. She asked me what my problem was as I freaked out and unlocked my truck.
I jumped into the back to grab a surprisingly happy (and yes, warm) baby from the truck and pulled her out.
I told her, in complete shock, "I left Delayna in the truck. I forgot that I took her!"
She about flipped & started crying. I was just greatful that the Holy Spirit quickened me and reminded me that my baby was in the truck before it was too late!
I reminded her of the program on Oprah and told her, "That could have been me!"
As I sit here typing this, I am so greatful to the Lord for protecting my baby & getting my attention.

A lesson learned on not only staying focused on all situations, but also to not judge.


Mrs.J said...

Melissa you are a wonderful mom and you learned your lesson. I can guarantee that this mistake will never happen again to you. God watched out for our babies.

ariesgurrl25 said...

Although I have never left my girls in the car I have left them in the house and out my Moms house and have not realized until 5-10 down the road. Its just as scary.

Joanna said...

I think its pretty easy to forget a child in the car. I am ashamed to admit that I have done so on two occasions and was so blessed that each time someone said something like, "did you bring the baby?" that reminded me within a couple of minutes of leaving the car that my baby was in there. Mommies with young kids can get so tired and sleep deprived and try to do so many things. My heart goes out to anyone that has to face such dire consequences. Thank God the holy spirit was with you.