Friday, June 5, 2009

Update from the home front

I planned on getting on here & having a happy blog, but things have turned in the other direction.
Dominic's fevers came back last night...UGH!
He was running around playing with Rino (look for the next post for the story behind that). Jose took him & Rino out to look for Rino's family and when Dominic got back, he was complaining he was cold.
So I told him to get his blankie. I wrapped him up & just held him. I thought he was just tired from a long day of playing. After about 15 minutes, I noticed he was fast asleep in my lap. I had Jose take him up while I got the kitchen picked up.
Jose came down & asked for the thermometer. I asked him why & he told me Dominic was feeling warm. So I went up & took his temp, it was 103.5*.
We put cold clothes on him & gave him some Tylonol and put him back to bed.
I set my alarm for 1am to go check on him. When I took his temp this time it was 104.3*
He has been running fevers all day again today. No other symptoms, nothing hurting, just a high fever.
I called Dr. Cuni's office & she is out until Monday. So I will be calling Monday to report what's been going on & to find out the next step in finding out what is going on in my baby's body.