Wednesday, March 25, 2009

2 Month Weigh In

I went & worked out yesterday for the first time, since having Delayna. I weighed in & I don't have all of my stats, but this is what I am going off of...
My highest weight before getting pregnant was 225lbs, yesterday I weighed in at 203!!!!
I am focusing to work hard and get down to 199 right now. I want to be able to say I weigh "one-hundred and..."
I have to really focus on how I am feeling right now. This feeling is awesome, knowing that I have lost 22 (or more) pounds and how I feel physically. I used to be so tired and ran down & not wanting to do anything. I feel so much more refreshed and I can do anything.
Last night I was talking to Noe and he was sharing with me the Pastor Mike wants to do a marathon. I told him that I wanted to participate. So I just may be getting ready to do a marathon. They are looking into a 26 mi marathon, but my idea may turn them and we will do something different.
Honestly, I am NOT a runner, but if we do what I want to do, I plan on training to be in this marathon & RUN!
I am excited!!! My adrenaline starts pumping when I think of it, the excitement builds up and I really want to do something like this. My goal in my life has always been to run. I hate running, always have & was even teased in school for it. But as an adult, running has been embedded in me and I want to do it!
Of course Jose will be my little trainer & that would be nice to do side by side with my Honey =).
So that's that...


Mrs.J said...

I'll be there cheering you on!!