Monday, February 23, 2009

Laughlin Soccer Tournaments

Wow, what a little trip we had! We drove out Friday afternoon & got there in about 3 1/2 hours. Not bad compared to the other people that drove the freeway. It took them 5 to 5 1/2 hours! Jose was doing about 80 the whole way out there & got caught doing it...LOL!
The highway's speed limit was 55 MPH and was clocked at 84 MPH! Boo on our ticket, but what are we gonna do?
We had a wonderful time driving our little route. I remember my friend Jessica telling us about Amboy and when we were driving we saw the signs telling us that that's where we would be heading. So I called her up, but she wasn't home, so Cera told me all about the "fun things" to see in Amboy.
Anyway, here's some pics and I'll give descriptions...

Click on Amboy and get LOTS of neat information about the town & filming of CARS.
Here's a pic of the gas station


Post office...Isn't it cute!?!

This was a guy coming into town going to the gas station. Guess this is how the people get around...ROFLMBO!

The little hotels

K, now onto pics of us being in Laughlin
Here's Anthony coming off the field after his game

Our newest soccer player

The Titans

My boy doing his thang...Jake McCool walking away

In his box

Penalty kick that Anthony kept out...He's my goalie!

My pretty girl

Mama & her pretty girl in the hotel room. She's wearing her "I love mommy" shirt.

Cooing to her Papa

Bits & Delayna sleeping together...Love it!

Mama & Delayna at the pool



Sissy & Bits

OK, if you've never been to Laughlin, please take note...
Unless you are a drinker, gambler or a partier, there is absolutely nothing to do. Then with kids...IT'S EVEN WORSE!
So, we headed over to the mall. My intention was to get Delayna's ears peirced, but we weren't able to do that =(
Here is Dominic being entertained on the kiddy rides

Here they are on the train that was at the Hotel. Dumbie me, forgot to take a pic of the train...DUH!

Here's some pics of us driving to Laughlin.
I think this is a really cool pic of my handsome husband!

Here's the shoe tree in Amboy

The Chloride 'Lake'. Jose was stealing salt rocks.

The water builds these glacier type rocks. They are gorgeous!

The hills of Arizona

Over all our trip was alright. We spent more money on food than we did on anything! Anthony lost 3 games and tied 1. Unfortunately, I only went to his last game =( It kinda made me sad, but I have to step back with the baby and allow Jose to step up to the plate, which he is doing a damn good job!
Ant's last game was against Riverside & boy were they dirty! Those boys & the coach were something else! At one point, one of our boys & one of their boys had hit each other. Well, the other boy picked up the ball and threw it at our boy!
We did have a good time with the kids.
Our next far tournament is in San Diego. I can't wait for that one!!!!


Winter Delivery said...

Darn! Too bad he lost 3 and tied 1 :( Better luck in San Diego and that will definitely be a FUN trip! My mom can pierce Delayna's ears if you'll like, she pierced Khloe's :) We should take a picture of the girls together wearing their I Love Mommy onesie...Khloe has it too! That would be cute!