Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Baby Is 4!

Dominic turned 4 years old yesterday. I can't believe my baby is 4! I have been living for 3 1/2 years thinking he was my last, until May when we found out different...But he is still my baby (and maybe my last baby boy)!
Well he requested to have Macaroni & Cheese for dinner...Oh Yes He Did! LOL As well as Spongebob Cupcakes. So, of course Mama made him what he wanted. I found a recipe for homemade Mac N Cheese and I made chicken with it. (You can find the recipes & directions here)
We invited Ti & Tia, Sarah, Devin, Mona & Emilio over. Then just before everyone was about to come over he told me he wanted to invite his other friends (Kawson & Pawkaw, aka Karson & Parker)...UGH! Why didn't he tell me earlier!?!
I just left it as is and it turned out great! Here's some pics...

Little & Bits decorating the cupcakes

Bits VERY happy with his cupcakes

He was REALLY wanting Woody & Buzz for his birthday.
So Tia got him Buzz

And Mama & Papa got him Woody! He was VERY happy & would NOT put these down the rest of the night! I do believe Jose put him to bed with them...LOL

Sissy got him a coloring/activity book & crayons...YEAH! What a sweet Sissy!

He also got a Christmas coloring book & more crayons from Grammy and 2 Transformers from Mona & Emilio.
Pics of the boys
Devin (look at that cheeser!), Dominic & Emilio

We had a great time. I think Dominic was just happy to have his friend and cousin over to play.