Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weekend Update

I have had SO much going on, mentally, emotionally & physically that I totally forgot to blog about my babies weekend. So here it goes...
Friday night Jose & I took the kids to the Youth Lock In. We were there at 6pm and it all started at 8pm. They were up all night long. Ant said Adi took about an hour nap, but for the most part they were troopers and were up ALL night long. I think in total Anthony was up for 37 hours and Adi was up 35 hours...Believe me when I said, they slept the whole day!
The next morning, Jose picked them up and brought them home where I had breakfast ready for them. They both had tournament games for soccer and both had to be at the field by 9:30am.
My poor baby girl was just wiped! Her eyes were so blood shot, it wasn't even funny.
But once we got out on the field she got her second wind and got those girls practicing, lined up, checked in & out on the field to practice before the game... You would think that she was the coach! LOL
So her game got started and guess who made the first goal of the game!?!?!
If you guessed Adi, YOU GOT IT BABAY!!!! That girl kicked butt, despite the horrendous winds & complete exhaustion.
Her team won 7-1 and actually all of the girls did really well! My little girl can kick some BUTTAY on that soccer field! As girlie as she is, she knows how to put her little butt in gear and get herself a game.
After her game we headed over to Ant's game.
It was in half time when we got over there.
The teams were tied up 1-1. They went back in and before we knew it, we were losing 3-1!
The winds were horrible and when those boys kicked the ball one direction, the wind would take it another. It was brutal! We lost about 3-4 goals due to the winds.
During that 4th quarter, Ant was put in as goalie and his team brought it back.
They tied the game up 3-3. They didn't go into overtime or do penalty kicks as the teams that lost earlier in the day were out of the Area Playoffs and us tying it up made us into the playoffs...WOOHOO!!!! January Playoffs for anyone interested in going and seeing my boy do his thang. I am hoping they are before I have the baby, but only God knows.
If I have the baby before his games, I will be out of comission and would love to see some friends and family out there supporting him while his biggest supporter is out of commision with a new baby!!!!
So next Saturday both kids play the final game to see what place they take.
We are definitely rooting for FIRST on both teams, but we will see...
I will update you on both games!