Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My personal election feelings

Well history was made and Obama is our president. Not what I hoped for, but I stand up as an American and accept it. I will stand in my duties and pray for our president and our country. We have a lot to get through and the Lord knows what He is doing. I trust in Him and believe He has a much greater plan than what I think/imagine.

Now the frustration...
Proposition 2 (Standards for Confining Farm Animals)is a prop that would change the way animals are treated, handled and cared for. Yes I agree that our farming animals should be treated in a manner that we would treat our own domestic animals, but the cost of such treatment can and I'm sure will be out the window. Right now I am paying $1.99 a dozen of eggs and $2.69 a gallon of milk. I am sure by the time this is all put into place we will be paying double, not to mention the price of meat.
Now that's not what really bites my butt. What really gets my blood flowing is the fact that we will give animals "respect", but will treat our daughters like an animal.
I am talking about Proposition 4 (Parent Notification Before Terminating Minor's Pregnancy).
Prop 4 did not pass, and in turn, as a parent will not be notified IF my daughter was to go and have an abortion.
First of all, Do we have no respect for our daughters!?!
Do we not care about what happens to our daughters behind our backs!?!?
I am frustrated beyond belief on this measure! Who are the people that first of all put this in to begin with and who are these idiots that voted against it!?!?!
I pray that I raise my daughter to demand the respect she deserves and NEVER gets into a predicament to be a teen mother, that she feels she can come to me under ANY circumstance to let me know IF she is pregnant, and that she would NEVER feel that terminating the pregnancy is an option. But these other girls that are being raised to disrespect their parents, to be out having sex at an age that they don't even know right from wrong and God forbid get pregnant and go terminate the pregnancy without their parents knowledge.
The parents don't even need to know that the girl is pregnant and she can just go have an abortion! UGH, frustration beyond belief.
Prop 8 (Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry) is still in limbo. The most current poll states 52% Yes to 48% No.
Here we are more wrapped up in the president & prop 8 (not that those aren't important, don't mis-understand me!) that our daughters were being tossed like a dirty rag and that vote got denied...
I will get off of my soapbox for now, but I felt I needed to express my concerns over this state & our morals being washed down the gutters along with the rest of the trash...