Thursday, October 9, 2008

Candy Land

Do you remember to good 'ol game of Candy Land? Well, it seems to be one of Dominic's favorite game and I have learned that it's not only fun, but a great way to teach him colors, sharing, taking turns, and especially imagination.
I remember playing when I was little and imagining being in the game.
I would go to Peppermint Man and have the taste of a candy cane in my mouth.
Licorice guy would give me the taste of licorice, Lolly with the lollipops and the good 'ol Chocolate Swamp!
Yumm, I think that was my favorite place, besides the gumdrops.
Well, I had Devin today and they decided to play Candy Land & I got a bright idea.
With the halloween candy laying around, why not put out candy so when the boys landed on a "candy spot" they could have a candy.
So I took out the M&M's and the candy corn. Placed little candies by the spots and showed the boys what to do.
They had a great time doing it with real candy.
Here's a few more pics...