Friday, August 29, 2008

My Big Day

Well, it' official. I am the big 3-0!
I would have really liked a big birthday party, but obviously that didn't happen.
It's all good though! I have had many wonderful people call me and let me know how much they care and how much I mean to them.
It has truly touched me to know that I mean more to people than I think.
It has really been one heck of a day though, let me tell ya...
I was woken up at 3:02 am by gushing winds blowing my bedroom blinds. Then I kinda laid there, knowing I needed to go to sleep, but really indulging in the sound of the furious wind that was blowing outside.
I'm kind of a freak like that. I LOVE storms, thunderstorms, wind storms, etc.
So as I laid in bed, knowing that I needed to sleep, because my alarm would be going off in an hour, I just couldn't.
Before I knew it, Jose's alarm was going off and I was just up.
So, I went to work & I had all of 2 people,,,UGH! I hate days like that!
I was able to take some me time though and read my book (yes, I am reading a book! Suprising, I know). Around 6:20 am, I could NOT keep my eyes open. I think cement might have been poured over them while I was reading.
So, I laid my head down and cat napped until 6:55 am when Ms. Nancy came in to work out. She is my little bright sunshine for my mornings on Mon, Wed & Fri.
After work, I got home and tried submitting my Pampered Chef show, that was an ALL day run around! If I didn't get this show in, I would have lost all of my sales and everything that I have worked so hard for.
My day ended up being consumed with getting this show submitted, on time, and with approval from up above. I finally got to submit it at 5:20pm via DHL, but boy was it a PITA!
During my trying to get this show submitted, I had to take Adriana over to her friend Chelsie's for her slumber party (yup, my girl left me on my 'big day').
Well, after I dropped her off, I was on the phone w/ Jose trying to find out where he was at and what was going on for dinner, when a truck pulled right out in front of me! First thing I saw was the cop car, who just kept on rolling, LIKE NOTHING! UGH!
So the truck stopped and acknowledged me. I was terrified, because I was on my phone (totally illegal now). But the cop could have cared less.
After I got my show submitted, I could finally relax. I got home, plopped on the couch, and not a minute later, Dominic comes in and wants me to play cars w/ him...
So much for resting!
Then Jose got home, we discussed dinner (which he made plans w/ my brother & SIL to have them come over & we can BBQ). I was too wiped from a LONG day and didn't even want to eat, but was starving, due to not eating during all the stress.
So, I suggested a fast food joint that makes really good pastrami sandwiches & fried zucchini.
Gail stopped & got us dinner and we all gathered here and ate.
It is now 10 mins after 9pm, and I am DONE!
Put a fork in me and send me on my way!!!
I didn't get many pics, since I really didn't do anything.
So, tomorrow I will post the pics that we take & any gifts...which by the way, Jose did not get me anything..............
I just don't know what I am going to do w/ that man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm out......