Wednesday, June 6, 2007

He's Taking Giant Steps

Anthony went to FUSION Youth night last night for the first time.
He was totally ecstatic all day leading up to his "big night".
He has been too young to attend the youth night at our church.
Well, I got the go-ahead on Sunday and he has been anxiously anticipating his night last night.
So when he got home from school, he got his homework done, cleaned and went down to Branden's house to invite him.
Jodi came over to verify that Branden in fact was invited and to get the details.
I confirmed everything and gave her the details.
So then went home so Branden could eat & Anthony came in and we all sat down to eat.
Let me tell you, I have NEVER seen him put so much spaghetti down so fast!
He was ready to go.
So at 6:25, we got loaded up, yes the whole family, he's lucky I didn't take the camera!
Headed over to Pete & Bridget's house.

I walked them in, with Adi & Dominic. Talked to Pete, Bridget, Kelliey & Terri Lynn for a few minutes.
Then walked out, where I was greated by Jimmy & Patty w/ baby Vanessa & Raymond.
Then when I got to my truck, Raul & Kathy were there, and I talked with them.
We went home, and I cleaned up from dinner, hung out, decided to make Rice Krispy Treats and realized, it was 8:15, I had to go get Anthony & Branden.

So Me, Adi & Dominic piled into the truck and drove over.
I parked in the drive way, got out and here came Anthony, Branden, Raymond, Jimmy & Patty.
We bid our farewell and drove home.
On the way home, Anthony & Branden were all giddy and telling me about what they did, and what they will be doing, and how fun it was.
Branden asked if he could come with Anthony when he goes, and I told him "Yes".
Dropped Branden off, then went home.
Anthony was going on and on about how much fun he had and how excited he is to be able to go now.

This morning I got a phone call from Patty & she was telling me how excited Ray is that Anthony will be going now.
She said that he normally hangs out w/ Krysten and her friends, and he is the only boy Jr. Higher.
So, he is excited Anthony will be going.

Anthony is hilarious, but in a good way.
He was naming everyone off that he could get to go with him to Youth.
So we have a list going.
I like to refer to it as, "The List For The Kingdom".
This list includes:

I am sure there will be more to come!