Friday, November 9, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness, Day 9

I'm beyond grateful for my Jesus Girlz! God put me in a position almost three years ago. I fought him for a long time before I took that step of faith that allowed God to use this broken, hurting, fearful, non-confident girl. I never thought anyone would ever come to a bible study I would be leading. But God has brought me 15+ different girlz in my life. Some are die-hard and still her

e, some have left due to life circumstances. I have been open and raw with each of them. Some have heard things even my husband hasn't.
They haven't judged me or anyone else that have opened up. They are loving, truly caring, Godly women searching for more of God. Each one has touched my life in ways they may never know. Each one has helped to bring healing to my life, have helped me to love, trust, care, appreciate, find joy, see more of myself than I ever have.
God continues to use me to reach these women. Lead them, pray for them, speak life into them and whatever else God has for me to be to them. But I have gained do much more in return.
I love you my Girlz! Future, present and past!

Christmas 2011